Morning Runs

Happy Monday! I can’t believe I’m even saying that…considering I have a physics test tomorrow morning and I’ve hardly studied. Hello, all-night cram session! Hopefully I can pull it out so I can enjoy a date night tomorrow. I can’t believe that I have only 3 exams left of undergrad!!

Today I did something that’s rare for me – I went for a run before work/class. I’m totally a morning person when it comes to waking up and doing nothing for 2 hours before work. But my man came last night (hehe) to surprise me for dinner, so I didn’t get my run in. I knew I have to study a lot tonight so I made sure to get out this morning. I originally planned to do 4 miles, but it took me a little longer to get out than I thought it would so I cut it down to 3 miles. I had to make sure to beat my roommates to the shower before I had to be on campus for the day!

Let me just say – it was the best run I have had in a while! I did 3.23 miles in 31:21! While it’s still not speedy, I averaged a 9:42/mi pace, about 50 seconds less than normal. HOLY COW! I really focused on taking shorter, faster strides (inspired by Bad Angel Rules for Running). I got out of it a little bit once I got tired, but kept trying to work it. I finished strong and so proud of myself. I have a 5k on Saturday and I’m so excited to hopefully finish within 30 minutes. I now know I can do it!

I hope all my readers had a great weekend, and a good Monday as well! We’re going to get pelted with rain here in Maryland the next few days – hopefully you all stay dry!

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