Outrunning Stigma 5K Recap

On Saturday, I ran a 5k and boy, was it a doozie! I was not happy with my performance, but I suppose not every race can be a PR.

The Outrunning Stigma 5K was put on by a student group at my college called Active Minds. It was a small race of about 70 people which is a great turn out for their first race! I will say it was a bit disorganized – the race started 20 minutes late and we were not told until right before the gun went off where we were running. While I had stretched out and warmed up to run at 8:30, starting at 8:50 already made me feel super off. Then when we were told that we were running two loops through campus I was not excited. I normally run a 3 mile loop around campus and the nearby hospital…which is already hilly. But the campus itself is all hills – ugh.

To say that this was not my morning is an understatement. First off, I went out the night before and slept maybe 4 hours after drinking a fair amount of beer. That’s a no-no before a race. Thankfully, I wasn’t hungover in the morning! However, my tendonitis had been acting up all week and I felt like I should have just stayed off my legs….I started really hurting around mile 1 and regretted running.

I ended up finishing in 30:45 – my slowest time in quite a while. I haven’t ran since, as my left calf and knee are really bothering me. I’ve been feeling better each day and I’m hoping to get back on track tomorrow by doing a few miles with a friend. It is killing me not to run! With finals week here and graduation approaching, I really could use the escape running provides. I also could use a good few miles to burn off some of these calories – I literally can’t stop eating!

I’ll edit soon with a couple of pictures, my phone doesn’t want to send the email! Stupid campus wifi.

Did you run a race this weekend? How was it?

Do you have any tips for tendonitis flare ups?

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