Summer Goals and Reuniting!

Can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of Summer? Holy cow, I can’t believe how this year has flown by. Before we know it, fall will be upon us – I’ll be moving into my house in Plattsburgh and starting graduate school! After all the thoughts and frustrations I’ve had about my running lately, that I tried to articulate yesterday, I have come up with some goals for the summer and leading up to my upcoming big races.

– Mentally my goal is to be able to stay in the moment. I run better when I focus on the task ahead of me and believe that I can do it. While it’s hard to measure, I simply want to be more focused on the road ahead of me.

– Along with the lack of focus, I want to stop taking walking breaks, unless I truly need one. I had rarely walked during my runs until the last couple of weeks. I don’t know what it is but I’m having such a hard time pushing myself through difficult moments. I don’t care how slow I run through those difficult times – but I am going to keep running. Especially knowing it’s mostly mental.

– I plan to differentiate my workouts. Each week I want to do one speed workout, either at the track or on the treadmill. I also want to keep working in trail runs around town and at Great Glen Trails. Trails are challenging and will make me be a better runner. Plus trails = shade. I also want to do some hill repeats – they used to help me so much in high school. I know I can run faster, I just have to put in the work to do it and these things will help.

Finishing on a huge hill - yeah I killed it.
Finishing on a huge hill – yeah I killed it.

– I plan to better follow my training plan. So far, I’ve been slacking on strength training and cross training. I could tell yesterday that my quads definitely need some strengthening because they felt so heavy and tired. I want to try harder on those aspects of my training, especially by doing bodyweight exercises and biking.
– I love my garmin, but I find that I look at it so often and that it’s a distraction. While I want to run with it for progress purposes, I am going to to my best to keep it on the time/date screen while I am out and only look at it when it beeps for my mile splits. This way I will run more on feel than getting frustrated at my times (that have been dropping lately).

Race goals:
– Charles St. 12 miler: I’m running this race with two of my friends, and I am going to stay with them. It may be hard to slow my pace down during a race, but I want to enjoy my time with them. I don’t want to walk, but I don’t need to be too speedy either. I’m going to treat it as a long training run for my half marathon and not kill myself on the 10 miles of downhill.

– Lake Placid Classic 1/2 marathon: I simply want to finish without walking, finish healthy, and beat my first 1/2 time of 2:28:28. I think that is a very good starting point for my first half of this second running journey. Eventually, I want to break 2 hours but I need to work on my speed and mental focus before thinking I can realistically hit that.

In other news I just found out this morning that I get to reunite with an old friend of mine today! In 1 1/2 hours! Ahh! His grandmother called mine just an hour ago about it. We were best friends as kids (he used to kiss me on the cheek under the air hockey table) and then he moved to Arizona. We’ve seen each other every few years since he moved, but we aren’t very good at keeping in contact between those visits. I’m so excited, and pretty nervous to see him!

Me and Cory's last reunion - 4.5 years ago!
Me and Cory’s last reunion – 4.5 years ago!

Do you get nervous seeing friends you haven’t seen in a long time?
What are some of your summer fitness goals?

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