Half Marathon Training Week 6: 7/6-7/12/14

This week in running has been a fantastic one! I’m seeing progress and I’m really excited about it. It’s hard to believe that I’m just 4 weeks away from my runcation to Maryland to see my best friends and run the Charles St. 12 Miler with Beth! Nothing motivates me more than knowing I’ll be running underneath the new street bridge at Towson ending up in the Inner Harbor!

Sunday 7/6: Rest day, 12,414 steps (forgot my fitbit in the morning!). Worked breakfast and dinner.

Monday 7/7: 4.5 miles at Great Glen Trails. Took it easy and enjoyed the nature. I didn’t have a trail map, and just went where I pleased, knowing I’d eventually end up back at the parking lot. I think my time was around 50:00? My garmin died halfway through and I switched to using my phone. I had the day off from work! 10,815 steps.


Tuesday 7/8: 3 miles at the track, 27:44. Ran 1 mile WU, 4×400’s – 3 400 recoveries and one full recovery just standing and drinking water. Then ran a short cool down. Some jerky family was yelling at me for being in the running lanes because I apparently wasn’t fast enough. It irked me and I left before I was finished. Worked dinner. 18,970 steps.

Wednesday 7/9: Rest, 20,529 steps. Worked breakfast and dinner.

Thursday 7/10: 7 mile long run, 1:12. Felt great aside from a side stitch around mile 1.5 that took a few minutes to resolve. I walked for a few minutes at my turnaround point to test out some shot blocks – I didn’t think I could eat and run at the same time. They were okay, but I’m not sure if I’ll use them for my upcoming races. I also negative split these and ran 4/7 under 10:00! Worked breakfast, 24,466 steps.

Friday 7/11: Rest, worked dinner. 12,768 steps.

Saturday 7/12: 5.5 miles, 10,621 steps as of 10 am. Will be working dinner. Did a local 5K run with 1.2 mile WU/CD. The 5k was nothing spectacular, there was only about 15 people there :/. But it was nice to run around other people and have some competition. My time was a typical 29:30. I was a little bummed I wasn’t any faster, but yet I was totally okay with it.

Weekly miles: 20!

This week has been awesome for me mentally. I can’t believe how far I’ve come in less than 6 months. Running 7 miles felt so good and I can’t wait for my long runs to extend each week. While they are challenging, I look forward to them. I didn’t worry about my speed this week, and aside from Monday, I was able to keep a faster pace. Also, this was my first 20 mile week! My legs are feeling it but I’m ready to keep building my mileage. My hard work is paying off and summer’s not even half way done yet!

How was your long run this week?

How do you like to fuel during runs? Do you have any tips?

2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week 6: 7/6-7/12/14

    • Thanks! I never thought I’d be taking so many steps in a day! I don’t get it either, but I’d rather just be on my way than react to them. Hopefully I don’t run into them again!


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