Half Marathon Training: 7/13-7/19/14

This past week in training was a pretty good one. It was lower mileage-wise than last week. This was mostly due to being busy and not being able to get in a 4th run. I also ended up repeating a week in my long run to make sure that I wasn’t adding on distance too fast.

Sunday 7/13: Rest, worked breakfast and dinner. 19,781 steps.

Monday 7/14: Rest, worked dinner. 11,534 steps.

Tuesday 7/16: 5.1 miles, 52:46.  This run was a harder one. While it wasn’t too hot, it was unbearably humid. I thought about only doing 4, but was able to push through and do 5. I ran a different route, one that I won’t do again because the roads were so uneven. I was glad I didn’t cut this short! 12,522 steps.

Wednesday 7/16: 2.8 miles, worked breakfast and dinner. I didn’t plan to run because I typically sleep during the break between my split double shifts. However, I came home just needing a run. It was cloudy, drizzly, and the humidity was way down. I took the chance to do a quick run without my watch. It felt so freeing! I took the first half at a pretty brisk pace – felt like faster than a 9:30 pace, then slowed down some for the second half. 25,326 steps.

Thursday 7/17: Rest, day off. Went to Plattsburgh! 7,667 steps.

Friday 7/18: 7 miles, 1:10:00. This run was fantastic! I was originally scheduled to do 8, but due to my low mileage week I decided to stick with 7 again. I was able to do it 2:12 faster than last week, and felt very good upon finishing. I kept a 10:00 average pace and felt like I could have kept going. I also tried a GU for the first time at mile 4. I can’t say I liked it, but it was better than the shot bloks and I felt a difference in my energy levels upon finishing. Worked breakfast. 23,416 steps.

Saturday: Rest, worked breakfast and dinner. 20,863 steps.

Weekly mileage: 15 miles

While I ran five miles less than last week, I was happy this week with my training, especially when it came to my long run. I should have ran tonight (Sunday) but I simply am so tired. I know I can go do my five miles, but I’m not going to enjoy it. So I’ll stay with my typical schedule and go out tomorrow morning.

I’m looking forward to getting to school so I can make a more rigid routine on what days I run. While I hate the early mornings for work right now, I’m going to try to adopt more of a “early bedtime” for when I start graduate school. Apparently, having a set bedtime/wake up call can make you feel more energized. I’m going to work hard at getting up and out early for runs, and be able to shower before going to class. If I don’t have class in the morning, I want to be energized to get to work! The first test of this will be tomorrow morning…so we’ll see how that goes.

What is your favorite GU flavor?

Do you wear a fitbit or a pedometer?

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