Half Marathon Training Week 9 and July Goals

I can’t believe it – just one more week until the Charles St. 12! This week consisted of many excited days and some runs that I really had to work through. While I was slow, I can say that I worked really hard. I’m super confident going into the 12 miler next weekend. I don’t know how I’m going to run on Saturday (for time or with my friend) but I’m confident I’ll get through it without getting injured, and while having a lot of fun!

Sunday: 2 mile walk with Mom, worked breakfast. 14,508 steps.

Monday: 5 mi, 52:02. 11,684 steps. A typical weekday run for me, got a side stitch around mile 3. The weather was cool, 60* with little humidity.

Tuesday: Rest, worked dinner. 9,820 steps. I didn’t intend for Tuesday to be a rest day. I simply couldn’t get out of bed and spent the morning with my Grandmother instead of going out for a run.

Wednesday: 3.95 miles, 43:39. 14,928 steps. This run was definitely a struggle. My left calf was super tight, but I could deal with that. However, when I ran past one neighborhood, I got super anxious and started to get a lot of tightness in my chest. I was having a hard time breathing and decided to cut it short because I wasn’t feeling any better by the time I got home. Anxiety: 1, Sam: 0.

Thursday: 10 miles in 1:49:27, worked breakfast. 31,827 steps. This run was glorious. The first four miles were uphill, then I happily rode them down. I felt great. While I normally run a pretty consistent 10-10:30 mile on my long runs, I slowed down a little tonight purposefully to save myself for next weekend. I only walked to open my honey stinger (so clumsy) and to text my mom to tell her not to worry when it got pitch black out). I was a little stiff the next morning, but I loosened up after working breakfast on Friday.


Friday: Rest, worked breakfast and dinner. 18,972 steps.

Saturday: Rest, worked breakfast and dinner. 14,785 steps. Work was horrible and I hardly moved. I was craving a run when I got home early from dinner, however I didn’t want to go out in the dark with all of the wildlife that we have around.

Weekly miles: 18.95

July miles: 81.29

Despite my issues on Wednesday (that cost me hitting 20 miles for the week) I am so happy with this week of training. I unfortunately didn’t get to Great Glen to hit the trails, but I plan on going a couple of times this week for easy runs before the Charles St. 12! The last time I ran 10 miles (Feb. 2010, before my half marathon) I was in pain for days and it was my second to last run before my half marathon. I’m so happy to say that I feel completely opposite after this 10 miler!


Each month, I make a few goals. I discussed a few summer goals earlier at the end of June and I also write a few each month in my running log. Here’s what I’ve accomplished

– Run 60 miles – done and done. In fact, I surpassed it by over 20 miles!

Ride my bike once a week – um I didn’t get on it once. Wishful thinking on my part.

Go to the track every week – once again, fail. I think I went twice in July? Whenever I planned to go to the track, I ended up on the trails because I find them much more enjoyable. That’s totally fine with me, because as much as I want to be faster, I’m working on distance for now. Once I comfortably run a half marathon, I’ll begin working on speed more seriously. I really want to hit a 2:00 half in 2015.

– In regard to walking, I have done so much better. I have only been walking if I have a side stitch and I can’t get my breathing under control. I also walk for a few seconds to get my Gu/Honey Stinger going, or else it would go all over me!

– I have been doing much better at not looking at my garmin. I generally only look at it when it beeps each mile, or occasionally when I like the pace I’m going and want to see what pace it is timewise.

I have a few August goals in my head, and can’t wait to share them! I tend to think of goals the best while I’m running, so hopefully I’ll cement this month’s when I go out tonight/tomorrow morning.

How was your July training?

Have you made progress on your summer goals?

2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week 9 and July Goals

  1. I haven’t been making monthly goals- but its a good idea! I think my unofficial goal was to continue running but take it easy so I would be ready to start marathon training again. I think I accomplished that because a month ago I didn’t have the motivation to start training and now I do!


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