A Marvelous Sunday [MIMM]

The first weekend of August is officially behind us, leading to yet another Monday. I’m not gonna lie, appreciating the marvelous in life with Katie makes me dislike Mondays a little less!


Yesterday I was lucky enough to have the afternoon off after a long, painful weekend at work. I was happy to spend the afternoon shopping with my Mom. I got some stuff I needed, as well as stuff that I didn’t. I can easily say that I found my new favorite running tank! Long distances may scare some, but not me.


I also feel so relieved to be getting more prepared for my move, bit by bit. My textbooks are arriving and I finally bought some new, dressier clothes for when I’m working in the clinic. The black dress pants I have now are so unflattering. I found a pair I loved at J. Crew, but heck, I found some at Old Navy that look just as good for half the price. I also bought my first pair of flats. I’m in love.


The best stop of the day? Eastern Mountain Sports for some fuel. I needed to pick up some honey stingers for next weekend, and I couldn’t help but pick up a new flavor of Nuun. I’m in love with this Tangerine Lime flavor! It’s probably my second favorite (to Cherry Limeade). I’m only a slight Nuun addict.


The most marvelous dinner of the week happened after our little shopping spree…BEN AND JERRY’S. Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch and Lazy Sunday in a waffle bowl = perfection.


My Sunday finished off with a night of cards with my family. My Uncle and I demolished my Mom and Aunt. We went 3-0 on the weekend this never happens so I think it’s a sign that it’s time for summer to end.

While I have to work tonight, and every day until I leave for MD, I’m looking forward to running 4-5 miles this morning. I’m finally going to run in my new Ghost 6’s. I’ll be pushing it speed-wise to get one harder run in before the race in just 5 days!

What did you get during your last shopping spree?

What is your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor? Either “Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz” or “Phish Food” frozen yogurt!

11 thoughts on “A Marvelous Sunday [MIMM]

    • Ditto. I go through phases where I like/don’t like it and it’s definitely one of my go-to’s right now. It’s the perfect dinner on a humid summer night!


    • Old Navy is theBomb.com! When I was little I hated that store but now I love it. Their sweaters are so comfy and versatile. August is the best shopping month because there are tax free weeks!


    • Right?! I just have never really been interested in them. Although I suppose Toms are kind of like flats, and I LOVE those. I’m a pretty boring shoe person, I tend to only buy them when I have to!


  1. There’s not one thing in this post that I don’t like. First, that shirt is perfection and I want one! Those flats are too cute and I also want them. I’ve never heard of that Nuun flavor, but cherry limeade is also my favorite flavor. You can never ever ever go wrong with Ben and Jerry’s!!!


    • I’m pretty sure we’re long lost best friends! Under Armor has been having great sales – I bet you could find it online or in a store. I wore it today and it was so comfy!


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