Half Marathon Training Week 10: 8/3-8/9

As you’re reading this I’ll be running/have finished the Charles St. 12! This race is definitely a highlight of my summer, and is a huge stepping stone in my running journey. I can’t wait to focus on my next race, the Lake Placid Classic Half Marathon, but for now I’ll just revel in the fact that I’ve come this far.

Here’s how my week went fitness-wise:

Sunday 8/3: Rest, worked breakfast. 17,339 steps. I planned to run after work, but I went shopping with my mom then took a long nap when I got home.

Monday 8/4: 2 miles, worked dinner. 16,163 steps. Another run that didn’t go as planned. I went out to do four miles, but around .75 miles, my stomach started feeling very upset. I made a pit-stop at Burger King but I wasn’t feeling any better. I really didn’t want to get sick on my run, so home it was for me.

#noshame sweaty nature selfie

Tuesday 8/5: 5 miles on the trails, worked dinner. 24,233 steps. The trails were perfect on Tuesday. I started out running sub 10 miles, which is so different for me when it comes to the trails. Then I adventured a little bit and ended up on a trail that wasn’t finished…so that was interesting and it ended up being more like a hike. I’m making it a goal to get to Great Glen 2-3 more times before I move.


Wednesday 8/6: Rest, worked breakfast and dinner. 21,177 steps.

Thursday 8/7: 2 miles, worked breakfast. 14,367 steps. I went out for a quick shakeout before heading to Baltimore. I went out going to do three miles, but decided to just go where my feet took me. I was working really hard and pushing my pace at what felt like a 5K race pace (didn’t bring my watch to know the time). I passed my mom around mile 1, so I did a big loop and met up with her on her way home. I walked the rest of the way back with her just to catch up. It’s the little things…

Friday 8/8: travel day to Baltimore!!

Saturday 8/9: Charles St. 12 Miler! Recap to come.

Weekly Miles: 22

Have you ever gone off the beaten path while running?

Are you racing this weekend?

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