11 Weeks In: Training 8/10 – 8/16/14

These past few days have been crazy, but when looking back on this week I realize that I had a great week of half marathon training. I did some runs that really got me over the awful race last weekend. I missed my fourth run, but the three I got in ended up being pretty fantastic. I think in general, my body needed an easier week to recover from last weekend, and gear up for the final stretch before the Lake Placid Classic Half Marathon on September 6th!

Sunday 8/10: Rest, recovering from the Charles St 12. My body was pretty stiff, but I surprisingly wasn’t in any pain, considering what I felt the day before. 4,395 steps.


Monday 8/11: 2 miles running, 2.5 mile walk. After traveling, I was pretty restless and needed to run. I did two miles easy just to loosen up my muscles. I ended up running harder than I expected to, but don’t know my pace because I left the watch at home. It felt so good, though and only experienced some slight muscle tightness. I wanted to get more miles in so I went on my mom’s walk with her. 12,431 steps.

Tuesday 8/12: 4 miles, 38:35. After being killed by the hills in Baltimore, I headed towards the long, gradual hill that I run whenever I run long. 2 miles up, 2 miles down. I averaged a 10:15 mile heading up, and busted my butt on the way down. I love running this road, I always feel so good when I get to the top! It was a beautiful day, about 75* and 75% humidity – it felt like Fall! Worked breakfast. (Fitbit wasn’t working)

Wednesday 8/13: rest, worked breakfast. 12,405 steps.

Thursday 8/14: 6 miles. This was a challenging, needed run. Not because it was 6 miles, because I worked on a lot of things. First off, I worked really hard on my gait. Whenever I get tired, I get lazy and start heel striking. I feel faster when I land mid-foot and my knees also hurt less so I need to get out of that habit. Every time I felt myself heel striking, I walked for a minute, then started back up again without landing on my heels. I also did half of this run on the path we used to run on for cross country practices. I’ve had an awful time there mentally this summer. I tried not to think back to those days, and did not let myself walk (I literally walked there every time this summer). Worked breakfast. 21,456 steps.

Friday 8/15: rest, worked breakfast and dinner. Dinner was a crazy workout because I was working a rehearsal dinner outside. After it was over I felt like I had finished a long run. I woke up Saturday hurting. 23,866 steps.

Saturday 8/16: rest, worked breakfast. Work was crazy again, I ended up waiting on the whole dining room (15 tables) by myself. I was planning on doing 8 miles, but after getting home from a family party, I passed out for a few hours. Honestly, if I had gone out for those miles instead of sleeping, I know they would have been miserable. 12,110 steps.

Weekly total: 14.5 miles


I think this graphic really sums up this week. I needed some good miles to regain confidence after bonking in Baltimore. Thursday’s 6 miler was so tough mentally but I felt amazing once I was done. This easier week gave me what I needed to start looking forward to the half marathon again.

I have three weeks left until the half marathon! This week will be hectic with moving and adjusting to life in New York, but I’m focused on making the most of my miles. I’m going to try really really hard to get up and out early in the morning, since it’s my best option to run early when classes start. I’m already looking forward to a 11-12 miler on Saturday morning – I think I found the most perfect road to run it on!

How was your training this week?

3 thoughts on “11 Weeks In: Training 8/10 – 8/16/14

    • Thanks! I know how you feel. I get home and feel like collapsing every time. I know the form in my arms is awful, I tense my shoulders so much that it hurts!


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