Half Marathon Training Week 12 and Long Run Fueling Lessons

This week brought my to my move, and also to the inevitable two week notice on my phone for the Lake Placid Classic half marathon! While I’m looking forward to the race, I’m afraid of how difficult it will be and wary of meeting the goals I’ve set for myself.

Sunday – rest, 14,250 steps.

Monday – 4 miles garminless. I got out in the morning like planned and the miles felt good. I pushed a little hard each mile until my last mile left me pretty breathless. 14,185 steps.

Tuesday – 4.5 miles at Great Glen Trails. My legs didn’t want to move on Tuesday. I was exhausted and overwhelmed with life at the time and running didn’t seem to help. As much as I love the trails, this was my worst, slowest trail run of the Summer. 13,123 steps.

Wednesday – Rest – moved to NY. 13,656 steps.

Thursday – 5 miles, 48:31. While I planned to get out early, when I woke up I realized half of my running stuff was still packed in my car. This was fine because I wasn’t feeling it in the morning. I went out in the afternoon (after my mom left) and it was wonderful. I ran through town, campus, and on a trail along the Saranac River on the way back. I loved almost every minute of it. I even found a flyer for a race to do next weekend! 16,350 steps.

Stretching in my new favorite spot
Stretching in my new favorite spot


Friday – Rest, 4,509 steps.

Saturday – 10 miles. I tried to get up early and it wasn’t happening. After eating a Luna bar and going back to bed until 8:30, I finally got myself up and out the door. The first few miles were uncomfortable and my legs felt heavy, but that’s okay. I ran along the Bay and the scenery was absolutely beautiful. I started feeling dead around mile 6 and at mile 7 my upper quads started aching like they did during the Charles St. 12. I made it home, slowly, but it wasn’t pleasant. I felt incredibly sick for a couple of hours after, and learned a lot about fueling. 23,165 steps.

Looking back at town from the bay
Looking back at town from the bay

Weekly miles: 23.5

This was my highest mileage week so far, so I’m not too surprised that my long run was difficult. I was really discouraged, though, because I look forward to my long runs and they normally are my best run of the week. I thought I did everything right the night before the run: I ate a healthy meal (ravioli, fresh vegetables, chicken sausage), drank lots of water, and went to bed early. The night prior was the least of my worries.

Long run lessions:  – Going back to bed after eating a small breakfast isn’t going to do anything for you. I ate just a small Luna bar, which would have been fine for a shorter run right after eating such bar. However, by the time I finally got out, it was out of my system and I was short on fuel. It set me up for bonking real fast. – The whole “eating within 45 minutes of finishing your long run” thing is real. So real. I stretched, rolled with my stick, took a shower and then went to make a smoothie. By that time, I was super light headed and felt like I was going to puke. The smoothie that I made while almost falling on the floor didn’t help. You need food after running 10 miles. I love smoothies and they are super healthy. But, they don’t contain the salt and carbs that my body needed.

As I was lying in my bed shaking and trying to get down my smoothie before grabbing some crackers I had in my snack box, I couldn’t help but think about how miserable Saturday’s run made me feel. But it taught me lessons. Fueling before and after a run is just as important (if not more) than how you fuel during a run. You won’t want to run if you passed out after your last one. Passing out isn’t fun, trust me (especially when you live alone).

After seeing a flyer on Thursday, I signed up for a 5K next Saturday. I really don’t need to run it, as it’s a week before my half marathon, but I would love to meet some runners in the area. Plus, it’s for a great cause. I’m really excited for it! Aside from that, this week will be filled with me trying hard (again) to get better at morning running, and delving into school. It’s going to be a crazy week!

How was your long run this week?

Are you doing any races soon?

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