Week of 8/24–8/30/14 and August Goal Update

Another week of running and training for the half marathon is in the books! This week flew by with all that I had going on. While I didn’t get in the miles that I had hoped, I am still somewhat happy with this week.

Sunday – Rest. Calf started bothering me after Saturday’s 10-miler

Monday – Spinning, 40 minutes. This was my first spin class and I loved it! I definitely plan to make it part of my weekly workout schedule.

Tuesday – 3 miles. These weren’t the greatest, seeing that I went out the night before and got minimal sleep. However, I was happy that I got up and going in the morning, and set out just after my goal time of 6:15. My calf was feeling worse, even after lowering the impact of my workout on Monday.

Wednesday – Rest. It killed me to rest on Wednesday. I really wanted to go to spinning. However, my calf was in a good amount of pain and I need to get better at listening to my body. I was able to sleep in before my first really long day at school.

Thursday – 6 miles. Pretty average miles. I did a 1.5 mile warm up, tried to run harder for 3.5 miles, than cooled down for a mile. In reality, my paces didn’t really change too much, but I tried. It took me a little longer to get out this morning, but I was still home around 7:30, which I was happy with.

Friday – Rest.

Saturday – 5K – recap will be up in a few days. The course ended up being short, around 2.8 miles. My calf felt pretty good after resting it a bit.

Weekly miles: 10.8

August miles: 70.3

This week was pretty pathetic mileage-wise. However, I’m okay with that. I tried spinning for the first time and loved it. I listened to my body on Tuesday and went as far as my calf would go. I originally planned on doing 6 miles this morning, but decided to do the 5K instead. So while my mileage was down, it is fine with me (but just for one week!) I’m looking forward to doing 7 miles tomorrow morning, than taking it easy for the rest of the week before the Lake Placid Classic Half Marathon! Holy cow, I can’t believe it’s just a week away!

Earlier in August, I gave myself some goals – let’s see how I stacked up!

Run 80 miles – Not quite. I hit 70.3 and after tomorrow, I’ll be at 76-77 for the month. I was close, but no cigar.

Run 4 – 5 times a week – There were two weeks where I ran 4 times, two weeks that I ran 3 times. A little bit of an improvement than before, but meh. I give this one a fail.

Strength train/yoga – Skip. I mean I did go to spinning once, right?

Work on knee strength – I ran many runs this month without my knee brace, and felt great on most of them. I attempted my 10 miler without it, and felt good until around mile 7. I’ve been doing more stretching around the area to make my knee feel more mobile while running. I’m happy about running a majority of my runs without the knee brace. However, I will be wearing it in Lake Placid just to be safe!

I’d say that I failed for August. I don’t like to fail so that’s bad. I love to run but I also love to improve so I definitely have to work harder at my goals. When I finalize my September goals, I plan to print them up and hang them on my running boards, to make sure I don’t push them to the side.

How were your runs this week?

Did you meet your August goals?

2 thoughts on “Week of 8/24–8/30/14 and August Goal Update

  1. I don’t think you should look at it as failing. I think you made some start decisions such as skipping a few runs rather than risk an injury. You also went through a big move which can make it hard to stick to a schedule! I hope your calf continues to feel better!


    • Thanks Lisa! I’ll definitely be playing it easy this week. I’m excited for the half, but I’m more ready for it to be over so I’ll be more willing to stay off my feet for a few days 🙂


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