Training for What, Exactly?

Relating back to my last post, it’s hard to pick up after a big race, with nothing but “training” in the forseeable future. Yes, I have goals like finishing a 2:00 half marathon and eventually a marathon. Now, it’s back to keeping myself going because I simply want to improve. And for me, improvement in running is coming along slowly.


I didn’t run today. At first, I had a typical excuse – it was raining and I wanted to go back to bed. I realized as soon as I got to school how much I needed that run – mentally more than physically. I needed the release, and I had planned to spend 4.5 miles on the track, studying for my neuroanatomy quiz in my head. I arrived to my quiz restless and stressed, feeling so unprepared. I couldn’t wait to run after I was done for the day. When I saw the track was being used, I was flexible (my #1 difficulty) and decided to run around town. I didn’t even make it to the end of my street before my calf was screaming at me. Two weeks ago I would have fought for at least a little longer, aching to reach my goal.


While on Sunday I was sure of my little “training plan” I designed for myself, I realized today that my body may need more of a “break” than I’m giving it. This meaning possibly slowing down to let my calf heal. But I’m stubborn and tend to push through pain when I shouldn’t. Can I really let up on running right now, even for a week or two? I have no idea. Physically, I know I have a decent base, and I have a gym I can cross-train at. Mentally, school’s kicking my butt and running is my little escape from it. It refreshes me after a bad day and replaces any self-doubt I have.

(running) Graduate Clinician
(running) Graduate Clinician

Looking ahead, I’ve been searching for races for early 2015. Do I run halfs until I reach 2:00? Will I ever reach 2:00? Do I try for a full? The above quote by Kara really sums it up for me. My calf and lack of direction right now is a bump. But unlike quitting like I did in 2010, I’ll keep moving towards improving myself.

Do you give yourself a break when you need it? Silly question, but this is coming from a “go-go-go” person…


7 thoughts on “Training for What, Exactly?

  1. I find that when I am stressed I feel like I need to run more than ever. It was can hard when i know that physically I need a break. I think once you are fully recovered you will be better able to decide what you want your next goal to be:)


  2. I always struggle with what to do between training cycles. I love having a training plan, so I struggle with what to do without having someone tell me what to do. I find creating a maintenance plan with the Runner’s World SmartCoach to be helpful.

    I hope your injury clears up soon! That’s no fun, especially when you’re stressed.


    • You so deserve a break! You’ve earned it and I know you’re going to enjoy it.
      Thanks! The calf is feeling slightly better, but definitely not 100% yet.


  3. Well first – CONGRATS on the fun nametag. Second – I hope you feel better soon. Take some time off – but more importantly take the pressure off of yourself to “go go go.” Your health is super important right now – and part of being healthy is slowing down (this is all coming from someone who NEVER stops going). Hope the direction you want to move in becomes clear soon! Cant wait to see what cool racing opportunities it leads to.


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