Still Hurting & Half Marathon Wish List

Yesterday, I was so excited. I told myself I wasn’t running until October 1st to let some nagging pains heal. My lesson plan included resting (check), foam rolling (check) and going to the gym (half a check). Once this past weekend hit, I was feeling great and thought I’d be able to run yesterday. I planned 3 wonderful Fall miles.

Found this gem on Instagram
Found this gem on Instagram

I felt so good until I hit a mile and then I started feeling stabbing pains right below my knee. I struggled through mile 2 and really just had to focus on making it back to my house as quickly as possible. I walked some, then was able to hobble/jog home slowly while bending my knee as little as possible. I came home, iced, and after having some dinner (ate away my sorrows), saw my knee was starting to swell (which I hadn’t noticed before).


I’m actually worried that I’m legitimely hurt. I’ve dealt with aches/pains, ITB syndrome as well as some nasty tendonitis but this feels different. While I’m still terrified of doctors I really want to get my knee checked out. But it’s awful timing because since my mom switched jobs, our insurance is switching and we have a one month lapse in coverage – awesomeI just want to run. So I’ll take it easy again for another week or so. I won’t go to my normal spinning class today because I don’t want the jumps to irritate it further. I’ll be icing more and (apprehensively) take more motrin to get the swelling down. All I want is to run again. I have felt so sluggish these past couple of weeks and I really need the release it gives me. I feel like I’ve lost the one friend I have here and it’s been replaced with an ice pack a bag of frozen corn.

I have to remember that time off now will make me better in the future. It’s no use running now in pain, having times slower than normal, and becoming discouraged. I’m still a runner. I may be hurting, but it still lives in my head and my heart.

After last week’s marathon wish list I wanted to make another posts with half marathons I want to do. This is just as exciting as thinking of marathons I’d like to do because these are more within my reach (right now). I know if I have to take a month off for my knee to heal, I’ll still be able to run a half in the spring. And in the summer and fall if I please!

5. Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon

Located in my home state, this half marathon has a that’s almost identical to the first half I ran. But even better, it’s in October instead of February! A winter half in NH can be a blessing or a curse, so I’d love to go at the course again at a better time of the year.

4. Disney Princess Half Marathon 


A princess themed race where I can wear a tiara/tutu or dress like Merida or Repunzel? I’m so there. The only Disney race that would suit me better would be a Muppets themed one.

3. Plattsburgh Half Marathon


This one starts .2 miles from my house here in the Burgh, so I will 100% be at the starting line in April. Plattsburgh is 99% flat so PR here I come!

2. Baltimore Half Marathon – I’m only slightly obsessed with Baltimore, Hon! If I don’t end up doing a full next fall, absolutely rocking the Baltimore half is going to be my goal race.

I'll be doing a general scene story possibly with a bit of a focus on some of the bands and other entertainment along the course and

1. Navy/Air Force Half Marathon


Can we see a pattern here? I want to run in the places that I love. DC is one of them. While the course bypasses the Capitol, it runs past my two favorite monuments, Lincoln and Jefferson. There’s also a Rock and Roll half in DC, but this one is smaller, and from what I’ve read, the RNR DC race is very crowded. This seems like a better alternative for the anxious runner 🙂

All I can think about is having a knee that lets me run without pain so I can to get to some of these races next year! Especially Plattsburgh – walking to the start sounds like a good deal to me!

What’s a half marathon that you want to do next year?


8 thoughts on “Still Hurting & Half Marathon Wish List

  1. Oh no!! I hope you heal up soon :0( I totally understand what you mean by just wanting to be able to run. Being sidelined is the most frustrating feeling in the world.

    On a lighter note, those are great half marathons! The Disney Princess half will always hold a special place in my heart since it was my first one!


    • Thank you! I just hope resting helps, and I hope to feel better next week so I can try to work on my leg strength some more. It even hurt to walk today so I definitely am not doing that quite yet!
      That is so awesome! I’m sure it was so exciting to have a big race like that as your first 🙂


    • Awh, thank you! As much as we all knows it stinks, it must be done. At least if I have to walk the Color Run in a couple weeks my mom will be there with me!
      I feel like I’ve totally missed out on the Princess train! One day I’ll make it to Disney 🙂


  2. Awh that knee is a real bummer but rest is just so damn important. Here’s to hoping it gets better soon!! I’d love to run the Rock n’ Roll half in New Orleans, my friend that lives down there did it last winter and absolutely loved it. She said it was more like a party than anything! That Smuttynose half is intriguing… especially being so close to VT… hmmm on the to do list haha.


    • Thanks!
      That race does sound like a ton of fun. A running party? I’m up for it! I’m sure the Smuttynose half is awesome, the course is beautiful and the last few miles are right next to the ocean.


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