The Happiest 5K: Color Run Recap

After being pretty absent from the blogosphere this week, I’m so excited to finally share my first Color Run experience! I had wanted to do a Color Run for years – I originally signed up for one back in 2012 but wasn’t able to go. I was excited to finally get to do one in New Hampshire!


My Mom and I were up bright and early to leave my home in NH by 6:45 to get to New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH. Being my fall break, I wasn’t thrilled about being up early, but I enjoyed a nice nap in the car! Before I knew it we were there and holy cow – it was so cold! I was very glad I packed some yoga pants and a long-sleeve shirt because I had to wear them both. My mom was also so awesome for picking up the packets the day before the race so we didn’t have to wait in line for them.


I was having so much fun flouncing around in my tutu and was so excited to get to go when 10:00 came. The start was so organized and waves of “color runners” were released every 5 minutes so the course wasn’t too packed. As much as I hated to wait, it was really worth it! I started walking with my mom, then took off jogging with her. She ended up walking most of the course because of the hills. I however, was craving the hills. I would say I ran at least two miles of it – my knee was really bothering me but I walked down the hills to make sure I could actually run through the finish.


People don’t lie when they talk about how much color you get on you – I was drenched with it! It soaked through all of my clothes and onto my skin. The best part was at the end when our group through the “color packets” we got when we finished. My hair was officially turned yellow for the day.


While the Color Run definitely wasn’t a “typical” 5K for me, I really enjoyed it. Everyone was having so much fun and because there was no timing I wasn’t worried about pushing myself faster than my injured leg would let me go. I would definitely do it again with friends! While I had been told the course would be too congested to run, this course was very open and only struggled with room for the first few minutes.

After the run and our color throw!

In case you were thinking of doing a Color Run in the future, here are some tips to make your first time awesome!

  • Get there early! They have an awesome Zumba warm up for everyone to get warmed up with.
  • Bring something to cover your eyes, and maybe your mouth. I was so thankful I brought some sunglasses with me, and my mom was smart and wore a handkerchief for her mouth. We only wore them when we went through the colors and it was a great decision. Let me tell you – the yellow dust did not taste good!
  • Hit up the KIND tent after you’re done – you can’t say no to a good fruit and nut bar!
  • Make sure to go to the Shout clean off station before getting back in your car. They blow you off with leaf blowers so you’re not tracking dust everywhere.
  • Wash your clothes after in their own load! You don’t want your pretty whites to get ruined by the colors. The color came completely out of my white t-shirt, and is almost completely out of my Nike pro base layer.
  • Last but not least – have fun! The Color Run bears no time pressures – just enjoy it, especially with a group of friends.

Have you ever done a Color Run before?

Have you ever run in a tutu? Mine is the best $15 I’ve ever spent. Now I have one just in case I ever get to a runDisney event!

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