Workouts 10/20 – 10/26/14

This week sure was a crazy one! It didn’t go as planned as far as workouts go, but for good reasons. My leg is feeling mostly better, and this week brought my my longest run in a month.

Monday: Rest? I don’t remember why I didn’t work out…

Tuesday: I almost took Tuesday as a rest day after a really stressful morning at school, as well as a difficult clinical session. I ended up doing 2.8 garminless miles and felt really good.

Wednesday: 4 miles! 40:40. This is my longest run since the track workout that got me to finally take some time off. I felt great aside from a side stitch. I ran down the first couple of hills I came across, which was a mistake and left me a little sore. Aside from that, I felt great and each mile was a little faster than the one before.

Thursday: 30 minutes elliptical, weights

Friday-Saturday: Unintentional rest – I was busy with school, work, and a new friend. While I was at work, he got an 8 miler in, no fair right? I did get to try on these beauties at work and I really liked them!


Sunday: I’m hoping to get to the gym for at least 3 miles tonight. But after a busy few days that didn’t involve much school work and studying, that’s got to come first, so we’ll see.

This week is going to be difficult, with quizzes/tests and heading to Baltimore on Friday. I’m going to focus on getting three runs in before I leave this week. I’m so excited that when I come back from Maryland, it’ll be a new month. I’m ready to set some goals and start working hard again, while monitoring my leg. I really think I’m “over the hump” with this injury though. I’m hoping to sign up for a 5K on 11/22, if all works out with work and I’m really excited!

Have you tried any cool new sneakers lately?

Are you signing up for a Turkey Trot?

6 thoughts on “Workouts 10/20 – 10/26/14

  1. I’m glad to hear that your runs are moving in the right direction! 4 miles is great! I wish I worked in a running store and could try on new shoes all the time! Actually I would probably spend more on running stuff than I actually made working there so that could be a problem:)


    • It’s so hard not to spend all of my money at the store! Especially because I need to save the money for races and you know, groceries and textbooks too. The deals are just too good, especially when you get to test the stuff out first! I’ve become hooked on Sweaty Bands after buying two this past weekend.


  2. I’m glad to hear your injury is getting better! I’m running my hometown Turkey Trot with my dad again. He’s favorite part is complaining that there’s no way he can run that far, but he always does just fine!


    • That’s awesome that you do the turkey trot with your Dad. He must have a good time if he keeps doing it with you. You have to earn that pie! Well, not really…but I would tell him that.


    • I haven’t tried the 16’s and didn’t really like the 17’s. I think the 18’s are much improved over the 18’s – the materials are nicer and my foot feels like it’s more free (even though Mizunos are characteristically snug). I think you’ll like them! They come in super cute colors too 🙂


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