Running Quirks

Every time I run, I think of how “weird” some of the things I may do are. Realistically, I don’t know if other runners do them or if I’m just super particular. Everyone has their own running rituals and quirks, and after months of building a passion for the sport, I’ve finally realized how many of them I have:

– I can’t run without a headband. The thought of hair sticking to my sweaty face is so uncomfortable. I have a small head, so it’s hard to find headbands that fit. Lately I’ve fallen in love with sweaty bands that I get at work. I just got a turkey one and plan to wear it for every run until Thanksgiving.


– I stretch my calves/roll my ankles outside while I wait for my garmin to sync. I feel like I can’t run unless I have rolled each ankle for a good 30 seconds. Is there even a purpose for it? I have no idea – it’s just comforting to me.

– My first mile is always full of itching my legs. They always itch so badly and I can’t stand it!

– I always carry water/nuun. I feel like many runners only bring water on longer runs, but I feel anxious if I don’t have any on me. Even three miles is enough for my Nathan quickshot bottle. Once I go past 5 miles, I’m bringing my bigger bottle.


– I will not run across the road if I’ve had to stop and wait for cars. My reason? I have no idea. I just can’t get myself to do it. However, if I see a crosswalk/intersection and there’s no cars there, I will run right through it.

– Pepper spray is my go to. I won’t run in the dark or on the trails without it. I’m always super paranoid, and I don’t feel fast enough to run away from someone if something goes badly. This is a new quirk, starting when I moved here to Plattsburgh and I heard about some of the things that go on in this town. Thankfully it fits in the little pockets of my water bottles! Stay safe, y’all!

What are some of your running quirks?

One thought on “Running Quirks

  1. I’ve had a hard time finding a headband that won’t slip off my head (and bondi bands are the first ones that have worked for me) so most days i run with no headband. But I always need to have my phone with me so I bring some sort of belt to carry it. I never stop right at my apartment…I need to keep running past it a little to add just a bit more mileage and then I stop and walk back. Not sure why i feel the need to do this every day!


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