Weekly Workouts and December Goals

This week was crazy, but welcomed because I got to go home to New Hampshire to see family and get a break from school. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! While my change in scenery didn’t make it the easiest to keep up on my workout schedule, I still got a couple of runs in.

Monday:  Rest – got up super early to study and went to Vermont to see a friend after class.

Tuesday: 4 miles garminless. It felt so good to run around my hometown, and in shorts! I felt like I kept around a 9:30 pace, but I really just enjoyed running without my watch.

Wednesday: I had 3 miles on docket, but with finals starting, I really needed the two hours between family time to study.

Thursday: 5K Turkey Trot, 29:00. I’m totally happy with this, seeing as I cautiously ran the majority of the race on ice/slush and had to climb over a handful large snowbanks after we got a foot of snow.

Friday: Does black friday shopping count? I did buy these sick shoes!


Saturday: 3 miles easy at work. I led the third week of the “frosty turtle challenge” at work and we had the biggest turn out yet. Thank goodness people came, because if they would have came the cold would have scared me away. 5 degrees never felt so good!

400% attendance increase from last week!
400% attendance increase from last week!

Sunday: Studying. So much studying.

Weekly total: 10.1 miles

I’ve officially decided that I won’t be running the half marathon on January 1st. Honestly, I can’t say I’m too upset about it. I’ve missed my last two long runs because I’ve been busy – but I don’t regret it at all. I’ve been getting to know a new friend, and with finals coming up I need to focus. I’m still going to keep running (obviously) but I need to get better at working in a few more miles each week, as well as making sure I get a long run in. I’m going down to working one day a weekend, so that will help with that a little bit.

Can you believe today’s December 1st? I love December. Christmas, my birthday, and finishing the year out strong are definite highlights. While I’m no longer running the half marathon as a race on January 1st, I still want to increase my long runs to be increasingly ready for training for spring half marathons that I have my eyes on. My December Goals are:

– Run 70 miles. I’d love to hit 80, but I haven’t hit a 20 mile week since August and with finals I know it’s probably not going to happen. 70 will be a good challenge.

– Get my long run up to 10 miles again. I can’t tell you how much my legs were craving a long run this evening while I was studying. I need that hour and a half or so on the road.

– Get my 6 mile time to under an hour.

– Weight training 2x/week while I’m still at school for the next two weeks.

What is one of your December Goals?

Did you race on Thanksgiving?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts and December Goals

  1. Great goals! I haven’t set any for December but I decided to look back on my 2014 goals and see how Im doing. Might be a little late for that, but I want to finish off the year strong!
    Im also planning to do lots of easy runs for fun this month!


    • Thanks Lisa! It would be cool to see how much you’ve improved in a year.
      Easy runs for this month are wonderful, especially with the busy holidays!


  2. Congrats on beating your frenemy! I noticed I beat a few people who had run Cross Country in high school at the Turkey Trot I did, which made me feel good. It sounds like you’re making the right choice passing on the half, balancing running with finals is definitely a challenge! My main goal this month is to get all my workouts in – between work and travel for the holidays and possibly having to do jury duty, that’s going to be a challenge in and of itself.


    • That’s awesome, congrats! It definitely does feel good to beat people you know. Good luck getting your workouts in! Ugh, jury duty! I hope you don’t have to do that! I’ve been called a few times but thankfully I’ve gotten out of it due to school.


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