Finals Week Workouts: 12/1 – 12/7/14

Not to be a negative nancy, but last week definitely wasn’t the greatest because of one word – finals. As someone who has very high anxiety from school, finals week makes me want to curl in a ball in cry. Therefore last week I didn’t feel well mentally or physically, and my workouts reflect it big time.

Monday: 1 MI WU on treadmill, 2000 m on rowing machine (10:30), weights. I only got in 1 mile on the treadmill because I was testing out those new shoes and didn’t like them at all. Also I still can’t stand running in the blistering hot gym. It was a good warmup for the rowing machine, though!

Tuesday: Unintended rest day. Long story short: multiple panic attacks make it hard to run, especially when you can’t breathe and they consume the hour you budgeted to run. Not fun.

Wednesday: 3 miles, 50 minute spin class. I ran to and from spin class in the morning, which felt great. I felt surprisingly good running home after. I’ll be doing this more next semester! This day was my favorite workout of the week: I felt strong and confident, and it was amazing to let out some anger after the day before.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 2.5 miles on the treadmill, weights. I literally have to force myself to survive more than 5 minutes on the treadmill. I wasn’t feeling well physically and gave in after 2.5 miles.

Saturday: 3 ish miles. I slept through the group run at the store, so I went out on my own in the freezing rain. I was feeling super tight in my chest so I stayed around home. Never quite warmed up. I planned to do 5-6 so I definitely wasn’t happy with this.

Sunday: Rest. I planned to re-attempt 5-6 miles but school won.

Weekly miles: 9.5.

Last week was not at all how I intended it to be. However, I have to keep the fact that school is my #1 priority in mind. I’m looking forward to finishing up the semester on Friday so I can start making strides towards getting back to where I used to be. Ever since I got hurt, I’ve been struggling with keeping a consistent running schedule. I’m ready to get back to it, but I need to be out of classes and back to feeling better (as in not eating my finals comfort food diet).


4 thoughts on “Finals Week Workouts: 12/1 – 12/7/14

  1. You still got in a few days of workouts, which is great! Hopefully once finals are over you can relax and get back to a regular schedule. Like you said, school is your priority- and exercise should just be something that helps you relax and feel good!


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