Training Log: 12/22 – 12/28/14

This week I started ramping up training for my spring half marathons. I have three planned already, with my first being on April 11. I can’t explain how excited I am to work towards a new goal with a set training plan. I’m following the Hanson’s Half Marathon Method after I’ve read about many people succeeding with their marathon method. I’ve loved reading through the book and I’m looking forward to the challenge! I started this week at Week 3 in the program, and it’s gone well so far.

Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: 4 miles (treadmill), 41:00. First run in my new Pureflow 3’s!

Wednesday: Rest.

Thursday: 4 miles (outside), 40:20. I hadn’t run outside in forever so it felt really good to be out and about. Christmas day was absolutely beautiful and town was super quiet.

Friday: 4 miles (treadmill): 41:25.

Saturday: 4.13 miles (outside), 40:20. Ran outside with the Pureflows and love them even more. Another beautiful day and I felt awesome. The second mile was slow (10:05) thanks to it being all uphill with a pretty strong headwind, but I finished with a 9:20 mile.

Love at first run.
Love at first run.

Sunday: 5 miles are on the docket, and I’ll likely do them outside. I’ve been feeling a knot in my hamstring all morning so that could make it interesting!

Weekly mileage: 21.13 miles

I feel like I’ve been moving so slowly this week, but I’m not too surprised. I’ve been eating out most days this week, and have been bad with hydrating. However, my paces are still on the front end of the assigned “easy pace” for my half marathon goal (to be shared soon!). I’m happy to take miles easy as I’m getting into the higher mileage that this plan calls for. I’ve never ran more than 4 days a week, so I need to be sure to take it easy when it’s called for to avoid injury!

Did you run on Christmas?
Have you ever followed the Hanson’s Half Marathon plan?

2 thoughts on “Training Log: 12/22 – 12/28/14

  1. I know someone who is using the Hanson’s plan right now for a full! I hope it works out great for you!
    Congrats on a solid week of training and hooray for new shoes! I really love Pure Project shoes. 🙂


  2. I’m excited to see how the Hanson’s half plan works for you! I found it too much for their full plan, but I wonder if it would be more manageable for the half for me. We’ve been having beautiful running weather, but of course I’ve gotten injured, so I feel like it’s taunting me!


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