2014 Recap and 2015 Goals

I feel that I can officially say: Where has this year gone? 2014 has been a crazy, eventful year, but definitely was not one to forget or regret. One of the best things about this year was starting to run again in February and starting this blog. I’ve enjoyed getting to know fellow bloggers and being able to relate to others and their goals. It’s hard to compare myself and running to this time last year because a year ago I would have laughed my head off if I thought I would actually run again. However, In 2014 I…


– Ran 529 miles after completing the Couch to 5K program (534 if you count the run I’ll do later today)

– Completed my first half marathon in 4 1/2 years


– Ran 7 5Ks (just missing an official PR), a 4 mile, and a 12 mile race

– Raced in 4 states (Maryland, NH, Maine, NY)

I am so excited to share some goals I’ve made for 2015!

– Run 2015 Kilometers (1252 miles)

– Finish sub-2:00 in the Half Marathon

– Finish my 10K in August with an average 8:30 pace or faster

– Set a 5K PR and eventually get closer to a 24:00 time

– Maybe a Fall Marathon?


I really think that with enough hard work (and staying healthy) I will be able to reach my goals. I know that once I meet these, I will just keep pushing forward as my love for running keeps growing. I already have some spring races planned to hopefully meet my sub-2:00 goal, so we shall see how it all turns out! Additionally, I’d like to become a better blogger, and to eventually become a FitFluential Ambassador!

What are some of your 2015 (running  or not running) goals? How did you fare on your 2014 goals? My general resolution was to eat breakfast and that was a success! Haven’t thought of a general resolution for 2015 yet, aside from getting through school!


13 thoughts on “2014 Recap and 2015 Goals

  1. Those all sound like great goals for 2015! I like the 2015 kilometers idea…I had briefly entertained the idea of 2015 miles, but that’s way more than I’ve ever run. And of course I think a fall marathon sounds like a great idea! I haven’t finalized all my own 2015 goals, but I would love to PR in the marathon and try an aquathlon (if I can manage to find one).


    • Thanks Rebecca! I know I can’t run that many miles this year either, so I thought 2015K was a more reasonable goal. An aquathlon sounds interesting! I’ve never heard of that before.


    • Thanks! I didn’t intend to but it was easy to think back on. That is a great goal – I would love to do that too! I don’t know if I could stand running in Alaska though…


  2. Okay so I think you’re pretty outstanding. The fact that you have been able to juggle your school schedule while still running all those miles and completing those races this year…just really, really awesome. Congratulations on all your success this year and I have no doubt that you are going to blow your goals out of the water in 2015!


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