Training Log 1/5 – 1/11/15

Hello from New Hampshire! I made the trip back this morning to get in some skiing this week. I have to say I’m outrageously excited to get back on the slopes and get some adrenaline running. But after an awful drive in the snow that took an hour longer than normal, I’m waiting until the roads clear up (tomorrow) to hit the mountain.

Last week was definitely not my week of running. My workouts didn’t go as planned and *gasp* I didn’t make it out on my long run. I was upset about it yesterday but realistically it’s okay. My half marathon isn’t for three months! I’d rather have one of these weeks early in my training cycle!

Monday: 30:00 rolling hills on the bike, weights. It was supposed to be a rest day but I had to do something!

Tuesday: 5 miles, 52:00. I wrote about Tuesday here, but the run was actually pretty great.

Wednesday: Rest. I did go sign up for Planet Fitness, though!

Thursday: 4 mi, 40:00. This was supposed to be my first tempo run of my training cycle. I warmed up with 1 mile at 10:20, then knocked the treadmill up to a 9:10 mile. My calf started bothering me pretty quickly. The speed was tough for me on the treadmill. I walked for about 3:00 out of the 3 tempo miles and stopped to try to stretch out my calf. I was so frustrated that I skipped the cool down and just did some weights.

Friday: 5 mi, 51:30. The bf messaged my calf Thursday night, so that felt better. Pretty decent, easy run.

Saturday: 3 miles at work. I was supposed to do 4 miles – but when I tried to go out to do one more mile between the morning group run and my shift, I accidentally set the store’s alarm off. Eventually I fixed it, but nervous me was afraid to leave the store until the owner got there and my shift started. Calf felt very tight again.

Sunday: Rest

Weekly total: 16 mi

Many of the feelings I felt before Tuesday’s run came to me again on Sunday morning, before my scheduled 8 miler. Combine that with a sore calf and my stomach not feeling great and you get Sam staying in bed. I regretted it after, and thought about how 8 miles intimidated me. While it’s nothing I haven’t done before, I haven’t ran that far since my half marathon – and it’s about the mileage where I got hurt around that race. Anxious much? So this weekend when I go out for 8 miles, I won’t let my mind get the best of me because I know I can do it! (I’m also hoping the boy will join me =] )

How were your workouts last week?

Were you on the treadmill much last week? I was on it all but Saturday – it has been so bitterly cold up here!

4 thoughts on “Training Log 1/5 – 1/11/15

  1. I’m sure I would’ve been hitting the indoor track last week if I hadn’t been injured! I would sometimes supervise off-site sports practices at schools when I worked at the Y in high school, and I was always terrified I would set off the alarm (especially since it was silent, so I wouldn’t know if I had!).


    • I still can’t believe I trained for my first half marathon fully on a treadmill. It’s dreadful at times, but it’s better than being out in the sub-zero temps. Thank you, it has been a lot of fun!


  2. No worries! It sounds like you had a great week regardless of that missed workout! You’ll do fine in that 8 miler. Just take it slow. Once you conquer it your anxiety will disappear. 🙂


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