Half marathon training 1/12 – 1/18/14

This week was my 4th week following the Hanson’s Half Marathon Method training plan for my spring half marathon(s). While I haven’t followed it exactly 100% to the book, I’m feeling great running. Even with all of the skiing I did this weekend, my body feels rather great. My calf has its typical knot (that’s starting to subside), and I ran twice this week without my IT Band strap for the first time.

Monday: 4 mi, 40:00

Tuesday: .5 mi WU, 7 x 400 at 7.0 (8:34 pace) with 1:00 – 1:30 easy jogging in-between. 3.1 miles total, 29:00. Additionally, I skiied for 3 hours. I should have done 12 x 400 but hey, Pretty Little Liars was on!

Wednesday: Skiing (about 2 hours), no running.

Thursday: 2 miles easy, on super tired legs. Skiied for three hours. I used a really cool app for half of the time that tracked my runs. It was cool to see some of my stats!

About half of my afternoon on the mountain!


Friday: 4 mile tempo workout. .5 mi WU and CD, 3 mi at 6.4-6.5 (9:15-9:05 pace). Total time: 38:00

Saturday: Rest. I planned to do 5 miles, but the gym was closed when I got back to Plattsburgh and I was NOT going outside.

-9* windchill? No thank you!
-9* windchill? No thank you!

Sunday7 mi, 1:18. This one was slow going, as my legs were so heavy. I felt like I was working so hard but not going anywhere. I wanted to go 8 this morning but didn’t have quite enough time for that last mile before going to work (maybe if I wasn’t so slow…). While my body was tired, it didn’t hurt, and I was happy with that. I still need to work on getting my butt out of bed instead of avoiding the long run.

Total weekly miles: 20.1.

Like I said, while I wasn’t able to get in every run this week (stupid cold), I’m happy with this week. My tempo went much better than last week – very doable with a little less of a warm up (I was also on a time crunch). While cut short, my interval day was great too. This summer, 4 x 400 KILLED me, and I felt great on Tuesday, even after skiing (and beers…). I definitely could have done the remaining 5 intervals but I can’t miss watching PLL with my mom.

Did you get to run outside this week? I only did on Sunday, but it felt great!

Did you race this weekend? I’m craving one!



5 thoughts on “Half marathon training 1/12 – 1/18/14

  1. I love 400m repeats! I haven’t been able to run outside much because it’s so cold and gross, but I did manage Wednesday/Thursday of this past week. I did 3 miles on each day during my lunch break at work.

    No races this weekend, but I have a 5k in about a month!


  2. I ran outside Thursday and Saturday (it got up to 40!), but I stayed inside Tuesday because it felt like it was below 0. I’m trying not to complain too much after last year’s winter vortex, but I’m still ready for spring. That’s awesome that you’re already seeing so much improvement!


  3. Awesome job! I got in an outdoor run today – but the weather has been good where I live. I’ve got a race planned for next month, which is great for keeping me focused!


  4. AWESOME WEEK! Skiing is crazy good exercise. What a great way to cross train!
    I got a couple runs in outside last week, but our temps are nowhere near as nuts as yours. I did get to race too! (SO FREAKING COLD!)


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