Half Marathon Training 1/19 – 1/25/15

I want to jump up and down for joy thinking that we’re almost to February. I’m praying to mother nature that it warms up next month so I can run outside more routinely! I can’t complain to much, I haven’t been too at odds with the treadmill lately, but I’m dying to run without freezing. I’m also dying to run without this dang calf pain that won’t go away. Last night it started working it’s way to my shin, even with compression sleeves on. It definitely affected my training last week.

Monday: Icy roads + a closed gym = rest

I was not happy when I realized the gym was closed.
I was not happy when I realized the gym was closed.

Tuesday: 8 x 600 w/ 300 recovery, .5 mi WU, .64 CD. 5 mi total. Arm and ab weights, 1:00 plank

Wednesday: 4 outside miles!, 38:47. I had to take advantage of the sunshine and mild temps and soak up some Vitamin D. Headed to the gym for leg, arm, and ab weights. 1:15 plank

4 miles + an hour of weights = a happy Sam
4 miles + an hour of weights = a happy Sam

Thursday2 miles, 30 minutes on the bike. This was supposed to be a tempo day, but my calf was absolutely killing me and I forgot my calf sleeves. I was really bummed after this! So bummed that I headed to the bar for wings and a drink. Yes, that’s how I cope with a bad workout lately.

My roller's become my best friend.
My roller’s become my best friend.

Friday: Rest – woke up with my calf and shin really hurting. After struggling to even walk down the stairs, I decided to take the day off.

Saturday: 30 minutes on the bike, weights. I went to the bf’s gym with him and all the treadmills were taken. Therefore I didn’t get my run in…I should have gone outside because the temps weren’t too bad, but after too many Heady Toppers the night before, my body probably would have revolted anyways.

Sunday6 miles, 10:20ish pace. I hit the emergency switch of the treadmill three times so I had to keep restarting the machine. What a pain!

Weekly total: 17 miles

I totally jinxed myself when on Thursday I got so excited about being scheduled to run 30 miles last week. While I am really disappointed that I wasn’t able to get all my runs in, I need to listen to my body. I’ve become stumped with my leg pain. Foam rolling and using trigger point (at work) hasn’t helped and the pain has spread forward. Thankfully compression does make it feel a little better. I’m also retiring my pureflows for the week to run with a little more cushion.

This week I’m going to cut down on the miles a little to see if I can get the pain to dissipate. I’m kinda sorta really way off from my training plan, so I don’t know if I’m going to continue trying to follow the Hanson’s Half Marathon Method or switch to a lower mileage plan. Thankfully I still have 11 weeks until my half!

How was your training last week? Am I the only one with recurring calf pain?

9 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training 1/19 – 1/25/15

  1. I’ve never had any calf pain (knock on wood), but when my quads got messed up last year and nothing I could think of worked, I went to see a chiro to get ART done. That made a world of difference! (And since it was through a chiro, my insurance picked up a lot of it.) I don’t know if it’s in your budget, but even just one visit made a huge difference for me. Good for you for listening to your body!


  2. How long have you been wearing the pure flows? Do you think increasing your mileage while wearing them could be contributing to the issues? Have you thought about trying KT tape? That’s about all I can think of…but Im sure you will figure it out! Hope that it feels better quickly!


    • I’ve been wearing them for about a month, but only for 2 runs a week. However, I quickly jumped from 3 miles in them to 6 so I was thinking about that. I actually just thought of KT tape today so thanks for reminding me! I’ll be putting some on in the morning before I run. Thank you!


  3. I was actually going to ask all the questions Lisa did. I had a major tendinitis flare of (peroneal…outside of my right calf) early last year and the Pure Flows that I used to have irritated it to no end. I ended up selling my shoes on Ebay. Definitely try the tape if you haven’t already!

    I hope this little rest will be exactly what you need. 🙂


    • Interesting! I wonder if not wearing them this week will help me. I would hate to have to sell mine. I just put some tape on, per your and Lisa’s suggestions!


    • My Ghosts have been great for me when I wear them, but I think at work this weekend I’ll have someone watch me again. Who knows if my gait’s changed a little, or if my feet just don’t like the Ghosts anymore. Thanks for the advice Lora!


    • I’d like to think not! I’ve been wearing my ghosts routinely since last week, which have never given me problems. Looks like I may be giving in to sitting out a few more days…


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