Training 2/2 – 2/8/15

As far as training goes, I finally almost felt back into the groove of things this week. My calf/shin is still bothering me, some days worse than others, but I have been able to get my workouts in nonetheless. Thank goodness, because before I know it, my first half marathon of the year will be here. April 11th is just over two months away! Here’s what my workouts looked like this week:

Monday: Rest, only because I couldn’t track down my student ID to go to the gym (finds out it was in a secret compartment in my backpack…)

Tuesday: 4 miles, 39:00. I felt like myself during this run. I did some intervals with the songs on my playlist and got some good strides going a few times. If only it wasn’t -20 out and I could have done that outside…Also did a 2:00 plank.

Wednesday: Morning spin, evening bodyweight exercises at home. 2:15 plank.

Pajama planking.
Pajama planking.

Thursday4 miles, 38:26. .5 WU, 6×400 w/ .15 mi active recovery, 1.3 mi CD. The intervals felt great! Unfortunately when I got home I realized I did them a little slower than I was supposed to. But I can’t complain, it was a good workout and I felt strong. Did leg and ab weights after, and a 2:30 plank.

Friday: Rest. I was hurting after Thursday’s workout.

Saturday: 3 miles at Fleet Feet. It was slow and miserably cold. I struggled because of my calf but I was happy to be outside and running with others.

Sunday: 6-7 miles is on the game plan for today. However, if my leg isn’t having it, I’ll stop but I at least want to get 5 in.

Weekly miles: 17-18 (depending on today’s run)

I was pretty happy with the way this week turned out, even with two complete rest days. Hopefully with the continued foam rolling and the use of Trigger Point my calf will feel more improved by this time next week, and I can get in 4 runs this week. I’d like to get back up to 5 but I’m not pushing it until my leg feels 100% better. I am also really excited about making improvements in my plank. I would love to get it up to 3:00 this week!

How long can you plank for?

4 thoughts on “Training 2/2 – 2/8/15

  1. I could probably make it to 3 minutes if I really tried but lately I have been holding a plan for 1-2 minutes and adding challenges like leg lifts. Also doing it on a stability balls makes it really hard for me!
    Great week and I hope your calf feels better!


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