Five things I LOVE about….

Apparently it’s Friday?! I seriously don’t know where the week’s gone. I’ll admit, school kicked up about 20 notches this week and I completely disappeared from the blog-o-sphere. Heck, I disappeared from life. I haven’t even gone to the gym/ran since Sunday. I haven’t even thought twice about it since I’ve been so overloaded. Who am I?

Since I’ve been absent all week, I really wanted to participate in this week’s Five Things Friday post with Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney. I was stumped at first though, since it is “love” themed with V-Day coming up tomorrow. Let me tell you, I am not a valentine’s person. It’s just never been a great day for me. But what I have realized this week is what I love about speech-language pathology. Since I don’t share too much about it on here, I figured I would share my love with it for you – especially since many of my readers have kids!


1.  THE MATERIALS, YOU GUYS!!!! It is seriously so much fun to have a toddler for a client. This morning I got to play with cars (or “tars”), and a crocodile made out of a shoebox (the nose was ripped off after 3 seconds). I have spent way too long this week looking up materials to make and buy to try to get this little boy to just talk to me on his own!! I’ve become obsessed with children’s books. We’ll be reading at least one “There was an Old Lady Who…..” and “Froggy” book a session. And oh, the fun we will have with Mr. Potato Head!

Spending my tax return on my own early intervention toys.
Spending my tax return on my own early intervention toys.

2. I’ve been getting really close to my mom since she has worked/works with the type of kids I will be working with. I’ve realized (this week especially) how I’ve really turned into her and how much of an impact she’s had on my career choice (don’t tell her that). I love nothing better than calling her after class and talking about something that could help her in her job, or telling her that she’s wrong about certain conditions (like selective mutism – too cool). But what’s the best is how I’ve learned to appreciate how difficult it was to raise my brother and I alone, with all the difficulties we each had!

Caring, approachable, uplifting - just like her!
Caring, approachable, uplifting – just like her!

3.Whenever I give a therapy session, I love the feeling of leaving like I made an impact on someone’s life. When my severe aphasia client says a new sentence, I can’t help but smile and hope it makes a difference in his day. Last semester my client went into her first group session and was very reserved, and during the last week she was the most conversational person in the group. I had a speech disorder growing up so while I don’t have the same problems as my clients, I can empathize on how much they feel stifled by their difficulties, so I really feel like I make a difference.

Sublime Speech someecard

4. Speaking of having a speech disorder, I was the worst client ever when I was a kid. I swear I don’t know how my SLPs put up with me. Well I do – they had no choice since I qualified for services by law. I feel like now I can make up for what a little crapster I was when I was a kid, and make something right  in the world. I can’t wait until I get the kid who hates me because I’ll find the one game they like and play it like it’s going out of style!

And this was probably all three of my old SLPs
And this was probably all three of my old SLPs

5. I love how just like running, becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist is challenging, and my future job will always bring me new adventures. Just as it’ll be a challenge when I finally train for my first marathon, it’ll be challenging when I’m out on my own for my first time, or see a new case that I’ve never seen before. But just like running, I know I can practice to work towards my goals of helping others. Hey, I think I might even be better at it than running 😛


So, it’s a little different than running – but I think it’s important to remember that all of us bloggers have much more to us than just the miles we run and medals we collect. We have careers (or will have them) and other passions too – and we LOVE them just as much as running!

What are some things you are loving this week?

Did you ever see a speech language pathologist as a kid?

What were some of your favorite books/games/toys when you were little. I need ALL the ideas!

And just because I was I didn’t hear any of my classmates talking about this this week…


7 thoughts on “Five things I LOVE about….

  1. I love hearing more about your career path! The SLP that works in my school uses the office thats connected to mine so I hear the sessions and it sounds like it can be really fun. In a way its a lot like what i do with kids…distracting them enough by playing games and having fun to not even realizing that they are learning and building skills that they need:)


    • That’s a lot of what we do with the kiddos! I’ve been loving doing my weekly planning for my client. You could definitely do a lot with the SLP there with social skills 🙂


  2. I can’t believe it’s Friday either!
    I am one of your readers with kids and I LOVE this. I have no doubt in my mind that you are on the perfect career journey for you! Your clients are so lucky to have you. 🙂 I would suggest kinetic sand. My daughter loves it even more than Play Doh!!


    • Having a background as someone who went to speech, I never thought I could be successful as a speech pathologist. Finds out that many of my classmates have similar experiences. It’s what makes us perfect for the job 🙂


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