Second Half of February Training

The last couple of weeks have been super up and down but it’s okay because you know what?! IT’S MARCH! I’m hoping that we are truly on the upswing of winter – temps are forecasted to be at least 20* all week with Wednesday being a high of 40*!!!

I didn’t post my workouts last week, but it works because this week ended up being a light week (which wasn’t really planned).

2/16 – 2/22

Monday: 3 miles

Tuesday: 1.5 miles (in my Newtons!)

Friday: 2 miles (in my Newtons!), 2,000 m on the rowing machine

Saturday: 3.5 miles at work

Sunday: 7.25 miles OUTSIDE IN THE SUN!

2/23 – 3/1

Tuesday: 3.5 miles, leg + ab weights, 2:00 plank

Wednesday: 2 miles (in Newtons), 2,000 on the rowing machine, 1:30 plank.

Sunday: 8-9 miles planned!

I had planned to run Friday, but then I sacrificed it for sleep since I was going to run 4 at work yesterday morning. BUT no one showed up so I went home and packed to go to Vermont!

I only logged 37.15 miles in February. However, I took a needed week of rest because I was hurting, started running outside more, and got back into going for a long run without having anxiety about it. I’m looking forward to getting into a better schedule and hopefully being healthy for all of March. I’d love to get up to 70-80 miles but we’ll see how it goes!

Sorry for the quick post, I hope to have more exciting recaps once I start being outside more (and also when I’m not rushing out the door for work :P)

How many miles did you log in February?

Do you have milder weather heading your way?

2 thoughts on “Second Half of February Training

  1. I think my mileage will be 70-80 this month but I still need to take a look at it. Much lower than usual for me! We have more snow/ice coming today and a few other days this week but the temps will be a little warmer…hopefully some of this will start to melt soon?


  2. HEAT WAVE!!! 😀 40 sounds great right about now.
    This month I logged 120 miles, but most of them were inside on the treadmill. SO over it!


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