Half Marathon Training: First half of March

It’s hard to believe that March is already halfway over and my first half marathon on of the year is only 4 weeks away! It’s been nice to run outside more. In fact, I’ve think I’ve figured out that the treadmill was causing all my leg pain over the winter months – I hopped on twice this week and was in a lot of pain, but was fine when I ran outside! Now that the weather is shaping up, I’m falling back in running again! I didn’t get to share my training from the first week of the month, so lets take a look at that:

March 2 – 8: 22.5 miles

Monday: 8 mi, 1:22:50 (10:21 avg). Why was I so afraid of 8 miles? This run was fabulous. I only walked once to take my gel, and my last mile was the fastest (9:48). After this I’m no longer fearing my long runs.

Remind me again why 8 miles scared me? This was the best way to procrastinate, I mean, take a break from school for a little bit. #runner #garmin #halfmarathontraining #nuunambassador #HSHive

Wednesday: 2.5 mi, 24:52. First run outside in my Newtons! I ventured out in capris but it wasn’t quite warm enough for them.

Running in capris - it's a heat wave of 37 degrees in NY!
Running in capris – it’s a heat wave of 37 degrees in NY!

Saturday: 3 miles leading the weekly group run. Someone new joined this week and I ran 11:30ish miles with her. It

Sunday: 9 mi, 1:37:39, 10:51 avg. This run was a little harder than Mondays, but still felt great. I stepped in many many ice cold puddles. Only walked twice for very short spurts, once was to take my gel.

March 9 – 15: 18 miles 10 miles

Wednesday: 2 miles, 19:40. Back on the treadmill and I was hurting. Did some leg weights after.

Thursday: 2.5 miles, 25:00. Another really painful treadmill run. Also did leg and ab weights and a 1:30 plank.

Saturday: 3.6 miles, 39:47, 11:00 pace. Another group run at work. We run at an easy conversational pace. Contrary to the first two runs of the week, my legs felt great! Had a great day at work after, which reminded me why I love working at Fleet Feet!

Just another day at work: new #sweatybands, reorganizing more spikes than I've ever seen in my life; and finding women's size 3/men's size 1.5 sprinters. I didn't even know spikes came that small! #fleetfeet #runnersofig #nikerunning
Just another day at work

Sunday: 10 miles (planned). I’m excited to get out for 10 miles this morning! –> It’s SNOWING now and I’m driving home after work . I’ll wait for clear sidewalks and warmer temps on Monday!


I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not really following a training plan. With school, I’m doing whatever I can manage during the week, hoping for 2-3 runs. Saturdays I always run with work and Sundays are my long run days. I plan on doing 1-2 more 10-milers before my 4/11 half, and also a 11-12 miler. I wish I could be following a training plan more to the tee, but it’s not happening with my crazy schedule!

I’m signed up for a 5K next weekend for the first race of the year! I’m going to work really hard for a PR, but I haven’t been doing much any speed work so I can’t expect it. We will see! I’m exited to do it with M.!

What’s your long run this weekend?

Are you good with following a specific training plan?


4 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training: First half of March

  1. I never thought I’d be able to stick with a training plan, but I’m loving the one I’m using right now!
    Fantastic week and congrats on that long run!! There’s nothing to fear…you went out there and killed it. I’m glad that you’ve been able to get in some more outside miles! Your new shoes are awfully pretty. 😀


    • I’m hoping to be able to follow one better over the summer. My schedule is just a little too crazy for it sometimes. But hey, I still find time to run which is good enough for me!


  2. My training plan has helped me achieve more than I ever thought I could do! I am more than a little nervous to run my first ever 14 miler on Saturday, but I know I can do it. I just have to take it easy on myself! Great recap and thank you for sharing your journey!



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