Spring Fling 5K Recap

Last Saturday I ran my first race of 2015: the Spring Fling 5K (There was also a 10K). It was in Shelburne, Vermont and was wonderfully put on by RaceVermont. I was thrilled that M agreed to do it with me – and even stayed behind with me instead of running his normal speed 😛

I got our bibs on Friday at the Fleet Feet store in Essex Junction, Vermont. After spending too much money (stocked up on Honey Stinger goods and bought a new skirt), I was really excited for the race! I was ready to treat my body right the night before the race. All went perfectly until M. decided to make strawberry margaritas. I think we all know I can’t resist one or two of those…


I easily hopped out of bed on Saturday morning at 7:45 to get ready. This is the first time I wasn’t on my own getting ready for a race and it was really weird! I got dressed and ate a Honey Stinger Energy Bar. I actually got to drive…and while trying to eat my breakfast we got a little lost…but eventually we made it! I was happy that we were able to wait inside for the race to start, as it was a blustery 25*!

I'm not so good with pinning numbers on.
I’m not so good with pinning numbers on.

I told M. I wanted to hit a 27:00 time, and set the virtual pacer on my watch. I was almost right on for the first mile (8:46) but then my stomach started aching and I felt sick. Between that, the wind and an uphill, I slowed down drastically for the second mile (10:05). M. was great at keeping me in check and reminding me that it was okay it wasn’t my day. I started feeling better for the third mile and tried my best to speed up. Butttt that didn’t happen (10:04). I was so so happy to be done in 29:36 (UGHHHHH) and I even beat M. by .01 seconds 😛

So. It wasn’t my day. But I’m okay with it. As much as I wanted a PR, I haven’t been training for speed right now – I’ve been training for a half marathon. Maybe I could have started slower? Maybe I shouldn’t have had the margaritas the night before? Maybe I shouldn’t have ate after 8:00 (I never eat within an hour of a run…except for this morning.) BUT I’m really glad I got to run with M. and got used to getting ready to run at his house. It was a good “dress rehearsal” for my half marathon in a couple of weeks.

RaceVermont put on a pretty great race, and I would definitely do it again. It was only $20, with a shirt available for purchase if you wanted. There was a good spread of food at the end for the amount of people racing (I had some oranges – I only like them after running)! I would definitely do another one of their races in the future!

Next up is a half marathon on 4/11. I’m hoping M. may join me for a few miles, but I’m just going to hope I finish with a small PR and use it to build confidence for my 2 other spring halfs. I also hope to take more pictures…because let’s face it, I don’t when I’m having too much fun in Vermont!


5 thoughts on “Spring Fling 5K Recap

  1. Sorry that it didn’t go as planned, but at least it was just a 5k so its not like you need to spend weeks recovering- you can go out and do another one any time! And its good that you recognized what may have impacted your performance so hopefully next time you will feel much better!


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