Training 3/23 – 3/29/15

Hey guess what – we almost made it to the end of March! This year is flying and I can’t believe that my first half marathon of the year is in less than two weeks. I can say with 2 long runs in the same calendar week that I feel pretty prepared and I’m really excited to run in Burlington! Here’s what I did this week:

Monday: 9 miles, 1:38. I wanted to go 10, but my gut had other plans. However I felt great and nothing hurt. This was done on a treadmill at the new Planet Fitness in town and I got to watch Dancing With the Stars while I ran. SCORE!

Wednesday: 2 miles (treadmill), 19:35 and weights. I had to get home to study so this was a planned quick workout!

Friday: 2 miles (treadmill), and weights. I was planning to run 4-5, but my calves were pretty tight as I hadn’t rolled them out since Monday night – whoops. I ended up doing a 1 mi WU, then about an hour of weights, then another mile after the weights.

Saturday: This girl failed at getting up to get to the store to run…another whoops.

Not even sorry. We speechies deserved a night out!


Sunday: 10 miles, 1:51. This run was incredible. My body felt great after my calves loosened up. While my pace ended up being a little slower than I hoped, I can’t say anything bad about it. I only walked when I took my gels (I need to practice taking them while running…) and I was mentally all there, which is a first for me during a long run. The weather was pretty beautiful, although it chilled off a lot during my last 4 miles and there was a lot of wind to fight through!

The sunset was beautiful as I was finishing!

Weekly miles: 23

I had hoped to get more miles and at least one other running day in this week. However I had a big test on Friday and was sick on Thursday – so there was only so much I could do to fit everything in! I’m looking forward to going to my Aunt and Uncle’s house in southern NH next weekend for Easter and running around the ocean for my long run!

Who raced this weekend? How did you do?



8 thoughts on “Training 3/23 – 3/29/15

  1. GREAT week! Hooray for incredible runs. 🙂 I think you are going to be fantastic in that half.
    And I almost spilled my coffee when I saw that sign. HYSTERICAL!


  2. That sounds like a great long run! It sounds like you did a good job cutting back when you really needed to – that can be so hard! It took me forever to learn how to eat fuel while running. It took choking on a lot of sports beans to get it down!


    • Thanks Rebecca! I should probably have started practicing sooner, but I can’t say I don’t look forward to those walk breaks 😛 it would scare me to try to eat solids like sport beans while running. I’d totally choke too!


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