Half Marathon #5, Coming Right Up!

Tomorrow I’ll be running my 5th half marathon, my 3rd in about a month and a half. I can’t say I feel totally prepared for it. Yes, I know I’ll finish (hopefully without a problem) because I have the fitness under my belt. However, I haven’t gotten in a long run since 5/9 (13 miles) and that makes me nervous. I spent most of the week not really looking forward to it, until I remembered that I was asked to be on Team Mighty Matthew.

Can't wait to earn this super cute medal! (Click to the source)
Can’t wait to earn this super cute medal! (Click to the source)

Matthew is a young boy from my area in NY with Mitochondrial disease, and many other related health problems. Before learning about him, I never even knew what Mitochondrial disease was. I’ve been reading his mother’s blog where she posts about his family’s journey, and it made me so happy that I was asked to run with this group by some ladies from my Saturday runs at Fleet Feet.

Image from http://mightymatthew.blogspot.com/
Image from http://mightymatthew.blogspot.com/

Throughout everything, Matthew seems to be so spirited and positive. He is an inspiring young man and I can’t wait to run for him on Sunday. Whenever I get tired or start to slow, I’ll think of how if he can fight every day, and deal with all of the medicines and surgeries, I can deal with 13.1 potentially rainy miles.

So while I had originally thought I was going to blow off making goals for the race and just do it, I’m taking the challenge in stride. I had two great halfs in April and hope to finish off my little half marathon streak in style!

Goal A: 2:11 (10:00 pace)

Goal B: sub 2:15

Goal C: PR (Sub 2:15:35)

I can’t wait to share with you all how this goes, as well as what I’ll be working towards after this race!

3 thoughts on “Half Marathon #5, Coming Right Up!

  1. Good luck! I find I sometimes run faster after a training cycle and then some time off, I’m sure all your fitness is still there and you benefitted from the extra rest! The ribbon on that medal is super cute!


    • Thanks Rebecca!! I can’t wait to get the medal. The shirt also has an anchor. It’s so matchy and makes my Type A self too happy 🙂


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