Running 5/25 – 5/31/2015

I cannot believe today is the last day of May and that I am running half marathon #5 today! I missed doing weights at the gym while I was away this week. I had a so-so week of running so far, so let’s hope that changes today!

Monday: 3 miles in Bar Harbor. I felt like my legs were disconnected from my body and it wasn’t fun. It was 80* with 95% humidity. I’m still getting used to summer running!

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 3 miles in Bar Harbor. My first two runs there stunk, so I ran this one without my watch but with my music. I ran the reverse of what I ran Monday and I felt great! Also Sea Kayaked for about 1:15, doing about 2.5 miles

Thursday: 4.5 trail miles. I rode the struggle bus. 3.5 miles was my “race” and then backtracked once I finished until I found my mom, who was about .5 miles back (she started before me) and finished with her.

Friday – Saturday: Rest. I should have done a little shakeout on Saturday but I didn’t. Oh well.

Sunday: 13.1 miles! I can’t wait to share how it goes with you all!

Total for the week: 23.6 miles

Total May Miles: 89.44. My highest monthly mileage to date!!

2015 miles: 338.89 miles

One of my June goals is definitely going to be getting better at taking pictures of my workouts…

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