Marathon Training: It’s Here!

In the last couple of weeks, I hit a lull in my training and let myself “slack off” because I had some time before I needed to start my training plan. This was good because in the last two weeks I didn’t really want to run. My body got some needed time off but I could tell how much I needed to run. My mood changed significantly, I felt sluggish, and I wasn’t sleeping well.

However, yesterday was the official start to my marathon training! I’m excited to find purpose to my runs again, not only because I love running and completing a marathon in a big goal of mine, but also because I’m running the marathon for a cause. I’m running the Baltimore Marathon for Team Kennedy Krieger, and all of the money donated goes towards their spinal cord injury center to purchase adapted equipment so these patients can participate in sports. I happily picked to run for Kennedy Krieger because I’ve known of their amazing centers for years, and muck of their diverse client population are people that I hope to work with in the future. I couldn’t help but want to run for such a life-changing institution for so many people, and I love knowing that the money raised is directly used to help their clients.


Why did I decide to run a marathon anyways? I’ve always thrived when working toward new challenges and this is just that. 26.2 miles scares me, but that gives me more of a reason to work towards running it. I’m lucky to not only have the ability to run, but the desire to keep going to new heights with it. I’m running Baltimore because it’s where I fell in love with running again, and ever since the idea of running 26.2 popped into my head, I knew I didn’t want my first one to be anywhere else. I don’t care that it’s a hard marathon, the harder the better in my opinion. I cannot wait for that crab medal!

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I’ll be following the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Marathon plan, because it fits what I know my body can handle (4 running days a week, no more than 3 in a row), it starts off gradually, and I’m very comfortable with where the long runs start off. I’ve used his plans for half marathons before and I think this is the perfect plan for my first marathon.

I’m looking forward to sharing this crazy journey of mine with all of you who are lucky enough (haha) to stop by my blog. If any of you want to help me reach my fund raising goal for Kennedy Krieger, feel free to here!

8 thoughts on “Marathon Training: It’s Here!

  1. That’s so exciting! Good luck with the journey! I used Hal Higdon for my first (and should’ve stuck with it – ha!), I think it’s a really great plan that keeps you from getting injured or burned out. I can’t wait to follow your training.


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