Baltimore Marathon Training: Week 1 (6/15 – 6/21/15)

I made it through week 1 of my training plan! Thank goodness, because if not that would be a bad sign…I’m looking more and more forward to this adventure. I’m trying to get M. and or my mom to go down to Maryland for the race, and the charity team director and I are working to get my registration moved up to the marathon (it’s been a three week process so far…). While a couple days of my plan did get a little moved around, I was happy with how it went!

Monday: Stair climber, abs and leg weights

Tuesday: am: 3 mi (10:54 avg). It wasn’t hot, but the 91% humidity was killing me! This felt really hard.

pm: 1.8 mi run/walk with a friend, arm and ab weights

Obviously thought I deserved wings after a 3-workout day!
Obviously thought I deserved wings after a 3-workout day!

Wednesday: My first MGP tempo workout! Ended up with 5 mi, 51:27, 10:28 avg. My middle three miles were all 10:30, which I was very happy with. I had some tummy troubles which made the run more difficult and I definitely ran a fastest last mile home…

Thursday: More tummy troubles turned today into a rest day

Friday: 2.75 mi, 27:07 (9:52 avg). Cut it .25 short due to yet again more tummy issues. GRRRR. However it was the most beautiful day and I wish I could have ran forever!

Saturday8.21 miles @ 10:26 avg. The first 5.21 were on my own, done in 4:1 run/walk intervals. (My plan is to do a run/walk approach to the marathon to avoid injury). The last 3 were with the running group at work. The avg. pace for the 5.21 and 3 were both 10:26 which made my little OCD brain happy.

Sunday: Rest. Helped M. move out of his old apartment and sunk into a book when I got home.

Total week miles: 20.76


I was incredibly happy with this week, especially my long run. I actually really enjoyed the intervals. The timing of them was perfect (based on the Galloway method) and I kept a pretty brisk pace during my running segments. All I need to do is figure out my stomach. It’s been giving me problems in general all week!

How did your workouts this week? Are you training for anything in particular?

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