Baltimore Marathon Training: Week 2 (6/22 – 6/28/15)

There’s not much to say about this week aside from it went really well running-wise. I think the hardest part was me not running too much simply because I’m feeling so good. After a good 6-8 months of something always hurting when I ran, my body feels great. Nothing hurts, and I’m able to just enjoy my miles. Knock on wood that I didn’t just jinx myself though… Warning: I’m still slacking on workout pictures…one day it’ll happen. It’s just not a priority of mine (and I don’t often run with my phone for photos).

Monday: 30 mins elliptical (hill setting), leg + ab weights

Tuesday: 3 mi run/walk with a friend.

Wednesday: 5 mi (50:00) on the TM, on the hill setting, with 1.5 mile fast-finish (gradually went down to 9:20 pace). It felt hard but good. I haven’t ran on the TM in a while so it my calves didn’t hate me.

Thursday: 3 mi run/walk with a friend, arm + ab weights at the gym, then 3 mi (32:30) solo run in the evening. The solo run was a little rough, but hey, it happens.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: Woke up not feeling great so just did 3 miles at work. My plan had a 9 mile run for the day, so I did 6 miles (9:52 avg.) in the evening. They. were. incredible and I was so tempted to keep going. The whole 4:1 interval thing is really working out for me. I was running an 8:20 pace through my middle intervals and felt like a beast.

New Skirt!! (Ignore the messy room...)
New Skirt!! (Ignore the messy room…)

Sunday: (plan) 30 mins elliptical, weights

Weekly total: 23 miles.

If I rated my weeks, this one would definitely get an A rating for me. Nutrition wise….well that’s another story. Let’s say that I definitely struggle with eating bad food, mostly because it’s convenient and it makes me feel happy. I’m trying to work on it, and know it will make me a better runner, but I know it’ll be a process!

I’m interested to see how next week will go with travel (MARYLANDDDD) but I’ll make sure to get it all done!

Bring it on, week 3!

How did your long run go this week?

One thought on “Baltimore Marathon Training: Week 2 (6/22 – 6/28/15)

  1. Yay! Congrats on having a great week! That is an awesome pace with your run intervals. I’ve just started finally cleaning up my diet (it helps having someone to split the cooking chores with!), and it makes such a big difference.


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