Baltimore Marathon Training: Week 4 (7/6 – 7/12/15)

Week four is done! I can’t believe I’m a month into this journey already. 3 months and 4 days until I run 26.2!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3.1 miles with Beth (aka one of the bests and my best running friend, duh). It was hilly and humid but wonderful. I can’t wait until I move and can run with her more! I ran in a pair of Brooks Adrenalines, which I liked but were a tad too small.

Old pic before the Chuck 12 last year!
Old pic before the Chuck 12 last August!

Wednesday: REST. I was not having any movement after a crazy/wonderful week with lots of traveling.

Thursday: 5.81 miles (w/ 4:1 intervals). It was really slow going, and my legs felt super heavy. Felt alright besides the slow pace though! It wasn’t the MGP run I was planning for, but I’m happy I just got it done.

Friday: 3.03 miles @ The Mayor’s Cup 5K (28:34). There’s not too much to write about this so I won’t do a full recap. It was flat and easy, and while I tried to push for a PR I knew quickly it wasn’t going to happen. So I ended up just having fun and it was one of my fastest paced runs in a while. I’ve been slacking on speed work so it’s crazy of me to think I could run much faster right now.

Photo from Fleet Feet Plattsburgh.

Saturday: 3 miles @ Fleet Feet. Thankfully we kept it slow this morning, as one of the ladies and I were both not feeling well. I didn’t roll my calves out after the 5K and definitely paid for it.

Sunday: 9.7 miles (w/ 4:1 intervals). This run was a struggle from the start. T-storm forecasts and a camelback that exploded on me didn’t help. I ended up having to stop three times for some tummy troubles, the last one finally causing me to cut the run 1.3 miles short. I struggled really hard, so this was more of a mental workout for me. By body felt alright, just heavy and tired!

Weekly miles: 24.64

This is one of my highest mileage weeks ever, so I’m not surprised it felt really hard. I also ran an extra day due to work, and running 4 days in a row is normally a no-no for me! I had no idea when I started running this week how hard of a week it would be, which I should have expected I only ran twice in Maryland. I didn’t sign up for a marathon for it to be easy so I’m bound to have not-so-good weeks. My paces this week were slow and all of my runs felt really hard. But it was good to work on my mental strength, which is my biggest weakness.

I’m looking forward to this week with a new adventure on Thursday and a long run in Boston on Saturday!

Have you had any rough runs lately?

Any tips for tummy troubles while running? It’s been a common denominator for me lately and I’m making it a priority to figure it out!

3 thoughts on “Baltimore Marathon Training: Week 4 (7/6 – 7/12/15)

  1. Great job last week!! I usually avoid eating for at least 3 hours before my afternoon runs and I barely eat anything before my morning runs. If I do eat it’s something really plain like half a bagel with peanut butter or a plain waffle. My tummy troubles have worked themselves out over time and my body naturally adjusted to higher mileage, but that can take time. Definitely listen to your body and try different pre-run foods until you figure out what works best for you!


  2. For being an off week, it still looks great! Uh the stomach pains…I know them all too well. The night before long runs I typically eat very plain and try to cut back on fruit throughout the entire day, which is hard for me. As weird as it sounds, I had to “train my digestive system” to last throughout a long run (more than an hour). It takes time and I’m at the start of that adjustment now.


  3. Ohhh tummy troubles. I have them every time I start running high mileage after a break. They eventually stop but they can be the worse! Peanut butter before a run always ends in tummy troubles for me for some reason. I hope you can figure it out soon!


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