Boston Marathon Training Week 5 (7/13 – 7/19/15)

Hey everyone! After a really quiet week in Plattsburgh, I’ve escaped to Boston this weekend to see M.! You can all assume I’ve been having a great time, as this is the first time I’ve really gone to Boston, without being with family for a Red Sox game or on a school field trip. If all has gone well, I even did my long run down here, exploring some sights and running along the marathon course!

Monday: Rest. I had a “me night” after work involving margs and Minions!


Tuesday: 3 miles at the gym, arm weights

1st run in my new Asics Gel Kayanos
1st run in my new Asics Gel Kayanos

Wednesday: 3 miles at a community 5K. It sucked. Real  hard.

Thursday: My first mini-triathlon! 200m swim, 8 mi bike, 1.6 mi run. You’ll learn more about this soon, but it was quite the challenge. Also biked 2 miles to and from the race.

swim. bike. run.
swim. bike. run.

Friday: Rest/play tourist

Saturday: Rest/walk 10000 miles

Sunday: 7 miles around Boston. I had planned on 8, but ran out of water and forgot to bring fuel with me. I took the right onto Hereford and left onto Boylston. Love. It.

The beginning of this week was hard for multiple reasons. I was physically and mentally struggling through my runs, and simply felt very fatigued. When I wasn’t working out, I was in bed all day, either sleeping or watching netflix. I had zero energy! Also, my right calf is hurting pretty bad. I’ve been rolling and trigger pointing, but it wasn’t feeling much relief. Therefore I cut out a few miles for my mental psyche and to give my leg a break. I did start running in support shoes (Asics Gel Kayano), but it was hurting before I switched shoes so I don’t think it’s that. Hopefully with treating it well the pain will go down soon.

2 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Training Week 5 (7/13 – 7/19/15)

  1. Oh, no. I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling! Do you think you could have low iron? I know when I was anemic I felt like I had 0 energy, but I got so used to it that I didn’t realize it wasn’t normal. I’m not sure how you stretch your calves, but my chiro had me put my toes against the wall and then stretch. That usually gave me a lot deeper stretch.


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