Baltimore Marathon Training: Week 8 (8/3 – 8/9/15)

This week definitely was a challenging one! My leg was feeling a bit better, but I still had to keep my miles in check after being pretty low mileage for a few weeks. I didn’t want to suddenly jump too high and make any improvements worthless. I can’t believe the marathon is in just 10 weeks!

Monday: 12 miles, 2:22 –> last week’s long run that didn’t happen on Sunday. I actually did this on the treadmill, slow and steady. I started off with 20:5 run/walk intervals, and then did .1 walk/.9 mi run for the last 3 miles. My leg actually felt great the whole time!

Tuesday: Rest – leg was bothering me again

Wednesday: Yoga 30 day challenge days 6 (lower back) and 7 (Intro to Crow pose). I’ve fallen a little behind in the challenge but I’m still trying to finish it before the end of August!

Thursday: 2 miles easy, tech-free. I did 5 strides to get myself moving before Saturday’s race.

Friday: Rest (More like I forgot to bring my yoga mat to NH with me…)

Saturday: 10K run (1:02:48), 2.7 mi hillclimb (1:06:25). More to come on that later!

Team Cloutier/Santy alive at the top at the mountain!
Team Cloutier/Santy alive and (almost) well at the top at the mountain!

Sunday: Not sure yet! I’m heading to the beach after work and may swim a little bit, and may also go on a short walk this evening. My leg is hurting bad, which is my fault (I didn’t roll it out or ice it yesterday) so I need to treat it well the next couple of days!

Weekly miles: 22.9

The Baltimore Marathon is now the next big event on my schedule! I may throw a half marathon in before then, but all my focus is towards finishing 26.2 in one piece and feeling healthy!

2 thoughts on “Baltimore Marathon Training: Week 8 (8/3 – 8/9/15)

  1. I’m sorry to hear your leg is still bothering you so much! That race sounds like a crazy challenge – I’m excited to hear the details. That’s interesting how the second shorter half took just about as long as the 10K!


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