Weekend Recap and No Running

This weekend was a really great one, for the most part. Both of my grandparents on my mom’s side turned 75 this summer, and we had a big family getaway at Sebasco Harbor Resort in Phippsburg, ME. My mom and I got there around 5:30 on Friday and almost immediately headed to dinner.


The food at this place was incredible! On the first night I had a romaine and kale caesar salad and lobster carbonara. It had so so so much lobster in it! I ate most of the lobster and about a quarter of the pasta and I was so full. The second night I had a cheese ravioli with a creamy tomato sauce – almost like a vodka sauce, which like the first night was very good but very rich.

Night 1: Lobster Carbonara
Night 2: Ravioli
Night 2: Ravioli

My favorite part of the resort was the salt-water pool! I enjoyed going in with my aunt on Saturday morning, and again with my cousin, brother, and SIL after lunch. I felt like a kid again doing cannonballs into the pool!

4/5 of the cousins
4/5 of the cousins

My uncle chartered out a boat for a couple of hours and we all went on a tour of the harbor. We all enjoyed some beverages and learned about the history of the area, especially when it came to the lobster and fishing industries.

Saltwater hair from the saltwater pool.
Saltwater hair from the saltwater pool.



Our tour guide was wonderful and took a great family picture of us. To say the boat was a little back-heavy is an understatement!


Our weekend was full of beautiful views from both our dining room and family cabin. Unfortunately after a blueberry pancake breakfast on Sunday (I don’t like blueberry pancakes…) it was time to go.


I drove my SIL’s car home for her and well….I had my first accident and rear ended my Mom. It was absolutely terrifying and there was a third car involved. Thankfully we are all  alright, and her car (as well as my Mom’s) seems to be mostly cosmetically damaged. I was so ready to be home after that!


So…for the “No Running” part of the title. Aside from a very painful mile-ish on Wednesday, I have not run in over a week…in fact since I don’t have access to a gym at home I haven’t worked out at all. Why is this? My dang mystery leg ailment (MLA) has become excruciatingly painful. I wake up in severe pain during the night and it’s been painful even to walk on. I had an X-Ray this morning to rule out a stress fracture, although I know that they rarely show up on X-Rays until they’ve started healing. I’ve also made an appointment with a sports doctor/chiro in NY next week. I’m ready for some answers, and have accepted that I need lay off the running until it feels better.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what’s wrong, or when it will stop hurting, or when I will be able to run again. I’ll be heading to the gym for cross training when I get back to Plattsburgh to keep my cardio up. However, I don’t know where this will put me in line with my marathon in October. I’m stupid and probably should have stopped running a month ago when the pain started, but of course I put my goals ahead of my health. I’m hoping to receive the results of my X-Ray soon so I can see where to go from there!

Despite my leg and the car accident, the weekend was pretty great and I’m linking up with Katie at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous In My Monday. Thanks for hosting, Katie!




4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and No Running

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your leg injury! I can’t imagine waking up at night because of the pain. I had great luck with a sports doctor before, so I hope you can at least get some answers, even if they aren’t what you want. And I just want to say – don’t be afraid to postpone your first marathon! It sounds like your injury is pretty serious, and tackling your first marathon is really tough, even if you’re in perfect shape. I would hate to see your experience marred by your painful leg.


    • Thank you for all of your support, Rebecca! It was a long week of being upset about my injury and I stayed off the blogosphere because of it. I took your advice and am going to postpone it – but I’m determined to do the half!


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