Baltimore Running Festival: Living the Injured Life

Another week has passed without running a stride after finally accepting that I’m injured. I had an x-ray last week and woke up in pain multiple nights during the week. While my x-ray came back negative, I’m not convinced that I don’t have a stress fracture. I have a high pain tolerance but at times (especially at night) the pain is excruciating. It’s spread from a localized spot to throughout my whole lower leg, from my ankle up to my knee. There are times where compression helps, but also times where it makes the pain worse. I’ve had to cancel my initial sports medicine doc./chiro appointment due to insurance, but hopefully will be taking more steps to finding out a cause within the week.

I also started accepting that while I’m injured, I still can get moving. I did yoga multiple days last week after getting out of my routine and started going to the gym again to use different non-weight bearing/low impact machines. If anything starts causing (more) pain at the gym, I stop immediately. While I need to keep up the cardio, I don’t want to keep making whatever is wrong with my leg worse.


Not being able to run for the first time in a year has left me feeling very empty. For two weeks I didn’t feel like a runner, or that I’ll ever become a better one. Then I found my favorite Alex and Ani bracelet, and the little piece of metal put it all into perspective. I also have some friends that have been very supportive with it, even though they live far away. Sure, I can’t run now. But by allowing myself to heal, hopefully I’ll be able to run in the Baltimore Running Festival as part of some race, and I’ll be able to run a marathon in the future. Maybe I can’t run right now, but I can cross train to make my return more smooth. This journey to a marathon isn’t a sprint, but it’s a marathon itself.

SO for now I’m saying “sayonara, sucker” to my first marathon. I’ll be emailing the charity team coordinator this week to move down to the half marathon at the Baltimore Running Festival on 10/17. I’m confident that I can still take at least 3-4 weeks off running (if needed) and crosstrain, transition back to running, and at least finish the half. I’m not giving up on this race. I believe in Kennedy Krieger, want to raise this money, and want to run on their team. Knowing I’m doing this for a purpose helps me keep this injury in perspective.

So no workout recap this week. I did work out some, but seeing the small amount would make me too upset with myself. But this week will be different and after this post I’m not allowing myself to wallow anymore. School is starting and it’s time to get back to being my best self, whether it’s running on the streets or on the elliptical!

3 thoughts on “Baltimore Running Festival: Living the Injured Life

  1. I hope you can get some answers soon! I know it must have been really, really hard to make the choice to drop the marathon, but it sounds like it’s totally the right thing to do for your body. Taking time off is so hard, but you’re definitely still a runner!


  2. Love that Alex & Ani bracelet! I have the same one 🙂 I’m so sorry you’re still injured. I can’t even imagine how frustrated you are feeling right now. It was definitely smart of you to move down to the half even though I know that was the last thing you wanted to do. Take care of yourself!!


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