November Gains, December Goals

Happy First-Day-Of-December, AKA THE BEST MONTH. I freaking love December. Not only is it the month of everything that has to do with Christmas, it’s the month of winter break, MY BIRTHDAY, and this year, a trip to Florida with one of my best friends and the end of graduate classes! But, before we look forward to December, let’s look back on the month that was November, running wise.



At the beginning of the month I was attempting to follow a 5K speed plan, and aimed to hit 80 miles this month. Yeah, that was a little lofty seeing I hadn’t hit a 20+ mile week since “marathon training”. My relationship with running wasn’t great after my summer injury and with all the stress I was going though with school. I eventually gave all that up to simply Run when I wanted, where I wanted, and how I wantedSpoiler alert: it worked.

Happy after 8 treadmiles at 8:30 at night during DWTS.

Running when I wanted I think is what did it for me. For three weeks I ran three times, did some speed work on the treadmill, and ran a couple of longer runs when I wanted to. I ran at the gym on Mondays so I could watch Dancing With The Stars when I didn’t really have time to do both of them separately. I ran easy, I ran hard, I ran flat, I ran hills. And I loved it. I love running again. I want to run again. 

I planned to do two turkey trots, but decided to drop to one to save some money. I also knew I would pressure myself into a PR at the first one, as I missed it by 8 seconds last year and I was trying to focus on running for fun. So I did one at home, so small we didn’t even get bibs. Heck, I almost didn’t wear my watch. It ended up being my best-run 5K of the year and I was really happy with it.

I loved it, I swear.

The end of October and most of November taught me that I don’t excel when I try to be the “perfect” runner. Crazy training plans on top of school stress me out. Focusing on running fast makes me so anxious that I don’t go out for a run. The thought of running outside at 4:30 and it being pitch black makes me want to burrow into my bed. However, treadmill runs work for me (in the winter), and going with the flow makes me feel more comfortable when I’m running. So I’m going to keep with how I’m going for the next month, and make sure that running in December is as fun and stress-free as possible.

November miles: 52.1 (pain free, glorious miles)

YTD mileage: 618.47

So, December, what shall you bring?

Running every day. Not because I have to, but because I want to.

Focusing on running easy when I have to in order to make it through the Holiday Run Streak!

Have a fun 5K in Florida without focusing on PRing (it’s not gonna happen and I’m OK with that)


How was your November running? Are you doing any fun (maybe holiday themed) races in December?

5 thoughts on “November Gains, December Goals

  1. Sounds like you had a great November! Good luck with December! I agree that December is the best month! My birthday is also in December, and then Christmas and New Years Eve. Lots of celebrations!


  2. I am very jealous of your trip to Florida! I don’t have any trips planned until April, so I will be gutting out a brutal Cleveland winter! I’m really interested to hear how the running streak goes. I’m definitely getting interested and might consider doing one in the summer. (I feel like I would get annoyed in the winter because dressing/undressing would take as long as running a mile!)


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