RW Run Streak Week 2! (11/30 – 12/1/15)

run streak

I’m not lying if I tell you that I never thought today would be my 11th day in a row running. 11 days! Before this the longest I had ever ran without a rest day was 6 days, and that was back in high school. I’m loving the run streak so far, although my IT band is bugging me a bit and yesterday was a sheer struggle to get my butt off my bed and just do it.

Monday (day 5): 1 mile. I went to the gym wanting to do 5, but I knew as soon as I stepped on the treadmill that 5 miles wasn’t going to happen with a tight IT band and calves. I ended up doing some strength work, went home to roll and called it a night.

Tuesday (day 6): 3 miles, 31:00. I’ve love to say this run felt better than the day before, but it didn’t. The gym felt so hot, and with long capris on I overheated real fast. I was really hoping to run outside on this day, but it poured a freezing cold rain all day long.

How do I look almost happy in this? I felt like I just ran in the desert!

Wednesday (day 7): 3.5 miles w/ intervals. .5 WU, 6 X 400 (8:40 – 8:20 pace) w/ 400 recovery (10:20 pace). I felt so great during this run, aside from the last interval when my knee/IT Band had had it.

Thursday (day 8): 1 mile easy, 10:45. I was SO HAPPY to get outside, even though it was dark and a bit rainy. It was nice to scope out some Christmas lights in the neighborhood.

When you can’t find your winter headband and find a Buff lying around, things are good (and WARM)

Friday (day 9): 4 miles: 2 miles easy (~10:00 pace), then some strides. I did 6 x 30seconds at a 8:10 pace with 1:30 recovery at 10:20 pace, finishing up with a half mile at a 10:00 pace. I loved the short fast strides until the end, where yet again, my IT band felt pretty bad.

Saturday (day 10): 1 mile easy, 11:30ish. I took this super easy on purpose and followed it with a nice, warm epsom salt bath to loosen things up a bit.

Epsom salt baths are the The beer was a must.

Sunday (day 11): plan is 7 miles. I’ll stay in flat areas so keep my IT Band happy (uphills are fine, it’s the going down part that kills). It’s supposed to be beautiful out today, so it’s a perfect time for one last run by the lake.

Total miles: 20.5 <– a 20 mile week?! OH MY!

I’m looking forward to some reasonably warm outdoor afternoon runs this week, followed by a long weekend of running in Florida! I can’t wait to race in Orlando, which will be my 6th state. I’m not working towards any state goals, I just think it’s cool 😉

7 thoughts on “RW Run Streak Week 2! (11/30 – 12/1/15)

  1. Are we twins? Haha. I just came across your blog from the sweat pink group and as I was reading, I thought, I’m totally reading about myself right now:). I’m also doing the run streak and can’t believe I’ve made it this far. And I too, have been struggling with IT band issues, though it’s getting much better (knock on wood). Anyhow, congrats on sticking with the run streak! Can’t wait to follow along.


  2. I’ve only ever done Epsom salt baths for my feet, but now I really want to take a real one! Now that I have my own bathtub (instead of a shady apartment one), I should take advantage. Great job on the run streak – getting out the door is the hardest part. Have a great time in Florida!


  3. I love Beer Showers as they are lovingly referred to in our house. Getting into a warm bath or shower with a cold beer, there is just something so magical about it. Great job on your streak so far!


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