2016 Racing!

I am so so excited to go into next year in great shape after a good 6-7 weeks (so far) of building my base back up and running consistently. Part of this is because I’m looking forward to some “serious” (as in every weekend I can) racing when I move to Maryland. I’ve had my wish list of 2016 races written for at least a month, and I think it’s finally time to share what I’ve got so far! Bold races are defintes, italics are most likely, regular-type races are on my wish list if I’m able to/with my job/etc.

3/6: Half at the Hamptons, Hampton Beach, NH. I’m going back to where it all started, 6 years laterThis lines up perfectly with being the day before my really really really super duper important speech language pathology praxis exam. I’ll be fired up from all the stress, I’m sure.


4/17: Great Bay Half Marathon, Newmarket, NH. Dependent on if some family is around to provide me with a place to stay 🙂 (also, 1ish week before the biggest presentation of my life…once again – fired up)

6/4: Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon, Annapolis, MD. *I was thrilled last week to find out that I was selected to be an ambassador! I will have a coupon code for you all soon for any 2016 Zooma race of your choice!*


9/3: Charles St 12 (miler), Baltimore, MD. Seeking revenge for the awful race that I had in 2014!

Pain train
Pain train + WOW my legs used to be skinny! –> The 2014 12 miler took me longer than any 13.1 since then. It was AWFUL.

9/18: Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon, Philadelphia, PA

10/1-2: Crawlin Crab Half Marathon and 5K (Shell Yeah! Challenge), Virginia Beach, VA

10/15: Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon (and maybe 5K), Baltimore, MD. I asked for registration for Christmas so hopefully this one will be a 100% definite soon.

Worst race (time wise) of 2015, but the best in almost every other way.

10/16: Runner’s World Running Festival Half Marathon, Bethlehem, PA** I’m strangely considering a double weekend, I’m not sure if I’m crazy enough to actually do it**

10/25: Marine Corps 10K, Washington, DC. I’m not ready for a marathon yet, but I’ve got to take place in this weekend.

11/22: Philadelphia Half Marathon, Philadelphia, PA **Fall goal race**

love seeing 7 halfs that I know I want to do. I am a little nuts and would love to do 10 half marathons in 2015, but I know I have to be reasonable with myself. Not only am I moving, but I don’t know when I will have a job, and if that job will include working weekends. There also aren’t many halfs in the Baltimore/DC area in the summer, for good reasons.  At this point I’m most excited to see what I can do with more consistent races as well as bigger races. There will likely be some 5Ks thrown in, but I’m not planning those super far ahead.

I’m hoping that having so many half marathons lined up will keep me away from the Marathon. I know I want to run one, for sure. After my late summer injury during marathon training, I’m not even close to being ready emotionally to sign up for another one just yet, which I’ll go into more details about soon. I’m thinking in 2017….because 26 miles in my 26th year would be cool, I think.

Another lofty race is a potential snowshoe race in January, but we’ll see how good I get on snowshoes by then.

Do you already have any plans for next year? Is there a race that you do every year? The Baltimore Half will be an every year thing for me, I’m sure!


7 thoughts on “2016 Racing!

  1. Congrats on Zooma Ambassador! I’ve always wanted to try a Zooma race, but there isn’t one very close to me. I love how many races you have planned, it will be a fun year for sure! I only have one race planned for this year and that is my marathon in March. I plan on taking a loooong break after that one!


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