2015 Running Recap

This year brought a ton of ups and downs. From PRs to injuries, to the beginnings of faster paces to being brought back to where I was; I felt like every time I gained control I lost it. I set goals at the beginning of the year that were too lofty when I look back at them. However, looking back on this year it’s important to remember that 2015 was my first full year running. I truly believe that running is a lifetime sport, and it may take me a few years before I reach my potential. Despite all of that, I had some incredible times running and want to look back on them…

PR Race: Plattsburgh Half Marathon, 2:15:35. I ran two half marathons in two weeks, and both were PRs. I felt SO great throughout this race until mile 10. I was one with running this day, and this particular day will always feel like victory to me.

My mom saw me at mile 10, and I was feeling great. At mile 11 (shown) I was riding the pain train HARD.

Hardest race: Wildman Biathlon, uphill portion (leg 2). This almost 3 mile mountain climb tested me in so, so many ways. I was injured and had already run a 10K that morning. But the feeling that I just ran/quickly walked up a mountain to where my family was waiting was the greatest feeling ever.


Favorite race: Baltimore Half Marathon, 2:25:48. Time wise, this was my worst race of the year. This half marathon was supposed to be a full, but after having to stop running for about 1.5 months due to a mysterious injury, I moved down to the half. I was thrilled to raise $250 for the Kennedy Krieger International Spinal Cord Institute so I could make the trip to Baltimore. I didn’t fuel right the morning of the race and ended up feeling miserable. I still felt so proud of finishing after all I went through to get to that starting line healthy and running through the city I call home.


Favorite Swag + Afterparty: Harpoon Octoberfest Race, 34:45 (3.6 mi). I got a beer mug accompanied with free beer and my first Octoberfest celebration. The race was fun and challenging, but the post-race party sealed the deal for me. I may be moving to Maryland in May, but I would travel back to Vermont for this race in a heartbeat.


That time I came in last but didn’t let it destroy me: Wildman Biathlon 10K (leg 1). Coming in last in the first leg of this race was hard. It was my first 10K race, and while I didn’t do as well as I had hoped (10:05 avg. pace) I was able to keep it in perspective. This race was small and competitive, and there are very few races someone will hold that pace and come in last.

Favorite race outfit/shoes: Brooks Launch 2, ProCompression socks (or sleeves with other socks), Skirt Sports Lionness skirt

Flat Sam for my last half!

Races I’m most looking forward to in 2016: Half at the Hamptons (3/6), Zooma Annapolis (6/4), Rock N Roll Philly (9/17).

In total: 12 races run for 88.95 miles,  including 4 half marathons, 1 “mini” triathlon, 1 relay (run-bike-run), 4 states raced in

I’m linking up with Courtney at EatPrayRunDC to share my year in running. Head over to her site to check out other’s recaps or even add your own. Thanks for hosing, Courtney!

Eat Pray Run DC

13 thoughts on “2015 Running Recap

  1. Whew! Two half marathons in two weeks, plus PRs in both!? That’s amazing! :O (You look so pretty and happy in that running picture! I look like death when I run, haha. 😛 ) Looks like you had an awesome year, and here’s to a great one next year as well! ❤


  2. What a great year! I’ve been eyeing the Zooma half in Annapolis (I’d love to do an Annapolis race even though it’d be hilly) and a race in Baltimore as well. And the Marine Corps 10K! Right now I’m just scheduled for the Rock n Roll half in Dallas on 3/20 and then the St. Michaels Half in May.


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