Looking Forward – 2016 goals

Now that it’s officially winter, I have to find it in myself to start to believe that the year is actually almost over. I know everyone says it, but it truly did fly by. I already shared with you most of my personal events and running happenings of the year. 2015 wouldn’t be complete without reflecting upon the goals I set out for myself and setting new goals for the new year.

What’s a meaningful post without a meme?

At the beginning of the year, I aimed high to run a 2:00 half, run 1252 miles (2015 Km), and run a 5K PR (reaching a 24:00). Looking back at those, I just chuckle to myself. Not because I didn’t come close to any of them, but because they weren’t realistic goals in the first place. In my type-a, shoot-for-the-stars way of thinking I thought I could do all that in my second year of running. Realistically, I should have been more conservative with them.

I read an awesome post on Women’s Running the other day about setting, SMART and attainable goals for yourself at the beginning of the year. It really hit home while I was reflecting on this past year. While I’m looking to continue challenging myself in 2016, I’m going to set goals that I actually have a chance of achieving.


I still keep yearning for a faster 13.1 time. Yes, I do want a sub-2, but that’s a ways away. My goal for 2016 will be a 2:09:XX. I’m hoping that at Zooma Annapolis I’ll hit 2:11, which is a 10:00/mi pace.

Unlike last year, I’m not going to set a yearly mileage goal. I’m going to set monthly goals based on where I am in training. If I’m able to stay healthy (another goal, obviously), my mileage should increase significantly from this year.

I love KT Tape, but I’d like to not need it so much next year…



I (obviously) aim to start my career in Maryland as a speech language pathologist-clinical fellow. There are so many steps to this, starting with doing well at my externships and passing my praxis examination. No worries, I’m already studying with a goal of 2 hours a day.

Returning to Maryland has been a dream ever since I knew I would have to leave to go to graduate school. My heart is there, my friends are there, and the post-grad lifestyle, running and otherwise, is perfect for my wants and needs. I know the time will fly, but May still feels so far away.

Back to the Yard I go.


This time last year I set out a goal to become a FitFluential ambassador. I finally applied and was accepted about a month ago, which pleasantly surprised me. I was also shocked and excited to be accepted and welcomed by other companies and organizations. After a domain and hosting switch in June, I feel at home at my little piece of the web.

Also, I’m a #nuunbassador again! Next up, #teamnuun (aka operation get fast).

This year I’d like to become more active in the blogger networks and grow closer relationships with my readers that I value so much. (I can’t wait to meet many of you at running events!). I also have many ideas to improve See Sam Run that I’ll have more time to work on now that classes are over.


I’m definitely more confident in my resolutions this year and am already working hard towards them (no winter break for me and my books).

What are some of your goals for 2016? How did your 2015 goals turn out?

4 thoughts on “Looking Forward – 2016 goals

  1. Congrats on being a nuun ambassador, welcome to the team! You have some great running goals for 2016 and I know you can reach them! If you ever wanted to hire a coach, I am working with ones that I absolutely love that are in the MD/DC area. I work with them virtually, and they helped me get my half PR and hopefully another BQ this spring! That is my big goal so far! As well as running 3 other marathons I am signed up for 🙂 It’s going to be a big year…have fun and happy holidays!


    • Thanks Jane! I’m definitely thinking of either getting a coach or joining a training group once I get started with my career. It sounds like you are on the right track with your coaches. I think we will both have a big year ahead of us!


  2. Congrats on becoming an ambassador to those groups! I’m a Nuunbassador too! Good luck in 2016, it sounds like you have some really great goals!


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