Training 12/28/15 – 1/3/16

This week was the first in training for my next half marathon, the Half at the Hamptons on March 6th. I’ll be sharing my training plan later this week. I was mostly pleased with how this week went and was happy to run outside twice!

HBHalfTrainingwk1 (1)

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 mi, 10:15 avg, then RIPPED class with my mom. This was tough after the run and included a lot of arm and leg strength work.

Wednesday: Speed day – 4×400 w/ 400 recovery w/ .5 mi WU/CD for a total of 3 mi with a 9:50 pace. I did the 400’s at 8:49 pace and recoveries anywhere from 5.6 – 5.9 mph.


Thursday: 3 mi, 10:19 avg. I was a bit discouraged with my pace because I felt so physically and mentally strong during this run. But after a lunch of McDonalds and movie theater popcorn, I shouldn’t have been surprised.


Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4 mi, 10:19 avg. My first two miles were at an easy pace (10:43, 11:00), and then I picked it up for the second half (9:43, 9:53). This was another great run and I was happy with my pace, especially the last mile since I have to climb a big hill back to my house.


Sunday: 2000M on the rowing machine (10:02) and leg weights.

Weekly miles: 13

I finished off 2015 with 672 miles. Much lower than I had hoped, but considering my injury in the summer, I’m just happy I got back to running. I can’t believe that in 9 weeks I’ll be running another half marathon (my 7th!) and soon after that I’ll be back to Maryland. Time sure is going to fly!

Are you looking forward to any spring races? Have any snowy runs this week? 

5 thoughts on “Training 12/28/15 – 1/3/16

  1. Awesome pace for the 400s! I’ve switched to doing hill repeats instead of intervals because having to run that fast really intimidates me! We actually got our first real snow (aka more than a dusting) this evening. Going out for the first run in it is going to be tough mentally!


  2. Well, I’m signed up for two races… but we won’t talk about that. Now that they are off the table, I have no idea what will happen! You look super badass in your light gear 😀


  3. Great week! I’m currently hammering out details for my half on 3/20. I need to get back in gear after taking time off during the holidays. I’m sad we haven’t gotten any snow yet in DC! I hate when it’s super cold but there’s no snow. So unfair!


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