Half Marathon training 1/4 – 1/10/16

I seriously think this is the first time that I can say that running has been great for the past three weeks. I can’t say I’ve had a “bad” run and my ITB tightness/pain is definitely on the upswing. This was my second week training for the Half at the Hamptons using the training plan I half designed for myself.


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 mi, 10:20 pace. Simple, easy miles

Wednesday: 4 mi. .5 WU/CD, 3 miles at tempo pace (goal = 9:40). I ended up with 3 at 9:38. This is the first time I’ve ever hit a tempo pace that I set for myself, and this is my goal pace for my big fall half marathon. I felt strong the whole time which was very reassuring. After working a 10 1/2 hour day, this run was even better!

Thursday: 3 mi, 10:06 avg. I felt next to no ITB tightness during this run, which was great. I like running in my more minimal shoes, but I’m happy to welcome my Launch 2’s back to my life. I hit the hot tub after which felt good until I woke up with really tight legs the next morning.


Friday: rest

Saturday: “Slow flow” yoga class, 45:00

Sunday: 5 mi, 10:18 pace. Progressed from a 10:40 first mile down to 10:00 final mile. I finally got the treadmill at home unfolded and I loved not having to go to the gym. Our treadmill is simple but perfect for me. Knee/ITB pain was about a 3/10 starting around mile 3.5.


Weekly total: 15 miles

So far, this 4 days/week plan with a gradual mileage increase and modest paces is seemingly perfect for me right now. The weekday runs are just enough that I feel good but I’m not stressed about fitting them in time-wise. They’re all happening at about 8 pm but it’s better than not at all. I’m bummed I didn’t get outside this week, but I passed out hard when I got home on Thursday, and the rest of the week was cold/rainy. Thankfully the weather should be mild this week so I should get out more, dependent on my internship schedule.

What’s your favorite fitness class?  I’ve gotten to go to two different ones at my new gym, but I’m hoping to try out some more.

7 thoughts on “Half Marathon training 1/4 – 1/10/16

  1. Great training week! And yay to no pain! I haven’t tried out a new fitness class in a while since I’m focusing on half marathon training (and the classes end too late in the mornings for me), but I’d love to eventually do a body pump or total body conditioning class.


  2. That sounds like an awesome week! Your recap reminds me of when I trained for my first half while working 12 hour days at my internship in college. My mom tried to convince me to stop, but the runs were the only thing that kept me sane!


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