January 2016 Recap + February Goals

Happy February everyone; or should I say I fabruary?! After a good first month of 2016 I feel like I’m in a really great place with my fitness. As someone without much self-confidence, that’s a lot for me to say! Before I get too excited about what February has in store, let’s look back on January.

January Running Goals

Set Goals: 

  1. Each week involved some “mess-up” of my plan. I got sick and missed a long run one week, and two other times I moved a weekday run back in order to either let my body recover or get work/school stuff done. All in all, all but one run was completed (my 6 miler became 2.5 miles). Grade: B-. Not perfect, but I seriously did so much better than normal with this.
  2. I did dynamic stretches at least once per week all month long except for this past week. I set out to do them before tempo/speed runs as a way to work them into my routine. I cheated and still did some static streches after, though. Grade: B, got it done, but I could have done them better/gone without static stretches.
  3. Aced this one! I went to two classes each week, and enjoyed all but one of them. I even went to a 5:30 class and wasn’t tired/grumpy all day. I went to 4 or 5 different class types with 5 different instructors Grade: A. 

January miles ran: 68.

Best run: Yesterday’s 8 miles was fantastic. It was my first long run of the cycle not on a treadmill, and I just ran. I wasn’t worried about pace and simply concentrated making it to the top of the mile long hill that was mile 4. I rode a runner’s high for so long after. It was also my fastest 8 miler to date. 8 miles used to be “that distance” that scared me, but not this time!

That Smash Run tho(ugh).
That Smash Run tho(ugh).

The month on the blog: January 2016 was my best month EVER of blogging. I wrote some posts I am really proud of (winter running tips, 5 inspiring runners, use science to improve your running), hosted my first giveaway (you can enter until 11:59 tonight!), and was accepted to be part of the inaugural Balega ambassador team. I put a lot of time into my blog, and took some big leaps with both stats and opportunities! I hope the growth continues throughout the year.


February Running Goals

While I am going to continue all goals from January, I am adding/expanding some for the upcoming month.

  1. I’ve realized that my body likes to have some activity all day, which may be because I sit all day at work. After complete rest days I feel creaky and stiff. I’m aiming to do at least a little activity each day, even if it is just 20 minutes of yoga.
  2. I did dynamic stretching 1x/week last month, and it wasn’t (completely) aweful. In February I want to expand my little dynamic stretching routine and up it to 2x/week.
  3. I’ve still struggled with my ITB pain in January. It caused me to move a couple of runs back, but I’m still mostly able to run with little pain until the last mile or so. I was bad with foam rolling this month, taking the time to do it maybe 3x/week. I know how much it helps me, and with races looming I need to get the ITB under control!

Continuing goals: following my training plan, going to fitness classes 2x/week.

How did January 2016 treat you? Do you have any goals for the next month?

7 thoughts on “January 2016 Recap + February Goals

  1. Great job hitting your goals! I’ve been trying to stretch and roll a couple times a week, whenever I feel like I really need it. I almost find this better than forcing myself to commit to doing it every night.


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