Half Marathon Training: 2/1 – 2/7/16

Week 6 of training for the Half at the Hamptons is done! Thank goodness – this week threw many challenges at me and I honestly didn’t rise up to them. I spent most of the week on the verge of tears and all in all, very stressed about many things. It definitely showed in my running and how I treated my body. I also started really being intuitive in my running, which is something new to me but I think will make a huge difference.


Monday: Yoga, 60:00. The theme this week was “easing back pain”. I don’t really have back pain but it was still wonderful.

Tuesday: 3 mi, 10:20 avg, foam rolling. The ITB was okay until the last mile.

Wednesday: PM: 4 mi – .5 wu/cd, 3 mi @ 9:40 (tempo pace). This was supposed to be 5 tempo miles, but my leg was not having it. Fitness-wise I felt strong at the tempo pace so I felt a little less awful about listening to my body and stopping short. Followed by 30:00 yoga before bed.

Yes that’s an empty Gu on the floor…the spare room has way too much crap in it with my NY stuff!

Thursday: 15:00 yoga. Moved my evening run back due to being way too stressed and not feeling well.

Friday: 4 mi easy, 10:30 avg. Leg pain progressed to be around a 7.5/10 at the end.

Saturday: Yoga, 45:00. I love my Saturday morning Flow class!

I went to a Lululemon outlet and got my first piece of clothing from there. I’m in LOVE with this skirt!

Sunday: 6.5 miles, 11:05 avg. This was the long run that wasn’t. There’s one during every training cycle (for me) and this was it. I was overheated, and once I stopped to strip down my leg stiffened right up. Simply nothing felt run about this run and I felt so uncomfortable in my body. I could tell that I didn’t put in the time with my foam roller this week because my legs felt toast. I will say, it was nice to run a big chunk of the Half at the Hamptons course. I always have a great run after a crappy one, and the great one will be 3/6/16 in Hampton Beach.

Look similar to the image above? 😉


Weekly Miles: 17.5. A good 5 miles lower than it should have been – I’m not happy with that!

After my run, I showered and went off to find my mom at the Penguin Plunge. When I put my Brooks Launch 2’s back on my feet, I realized how awful they felt. I know it’s recommended to wear your shoes for 350-400 but I wear 2-3 pairs at a time so I have a hard time keeping track of my mileage on each pair. The pair I’ve been wearing didn’t look too bad…until I compared them to a fresh pair. I thought they were at about 300 miles, but maybe I was underestimating that… Maybe that’s what’s causing some/all of the problems with the IT Band…


Right now, it feels like this past week was awful. And compared to how training’s been going for this race so far, it was. BUT I’ve had worse weeks before, and I will likely have worse in the future. Mileage wise, 5 miles is a lot to lose, but it’s not going to mean I won’t be ready for my race. I still got out and ran on 4 days, and I listened to my body when it was important.

I’m linking up with Megan today to share my Weekly Workout Recap. Thanks for hosting, Megan, and follow the link to see what other runners are doing in their training! I’m also linking up with PattyErika, and Marcia for Tuesday on the Run for the first time!

Are you good at accepting when you need to change shoes? How many pairs do you rotate through at once? 

9 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training: 2/1 – 2/7/16

  1. I rotate through way too many pairs at a time- I think right now I have 5. So I track my mileage for each shoe otherwise I would have no idea when they would need to be replaced. Hopefully the new shoes will help your IT band to feel better!


    • I knew you wear a lot but not that many! How do you decide which ones to wear each day? Thank you! I wore them today, and even with forgetting to put in my superfeet inserts my ITB felt marginally better!


    • I should have learned by now that knee pain is a sign of needing new shoes, especially after telling all my customers at work to replace their shoes before too long. Thank you! I wore it today and it was pretty comfy.


  2. I go through lots of shoes. At least 6 per year. I keep track of my mileage on my phone in the “notes.” It helps a lot


    (Words of advice. 🙂 )


  3. I used to stubbornly hang onto my shoes for 450 miles, but I’ve come to realize I really need to change them every 400. Getting an extra 50 miles isn’t worth an injury! I hope your new shoes help you feel better!


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