Half Marathon Training 2/22 – 2/28/16 + Monthly Recap

Alas, Monday is here once again, bringing the last few days before half marathon seven. This week was pretty laid back for me, but I was happy with the amount of running I was able to do. It’s not where I wanted to be, but it’s good enough to get me to the finish line on Sunday.


To spare all the unfortunately inactive days last week, I’ll share just what I did do, .

Wednesday: 4 mi super easy. Like 11:20 pace easy. I had no ITB pain until mile 3.5, but of course then it showed up.

Thursday: 3 mi (10:27 avg) for my first outdoor run in a while. As with everywhere else, the weather here has been crazy, and with my pains I simply haven’t ran as much. But getting outside felt so so good to just let myself go.

Sunday: 9 mi (11:10 avg) outside again! My hip felt great after the first mile, and as I’ve grown used to, my ITB pain ramped up at about mile 4, and my pace dropped from 10:30s to low 11:s. I stopped and moved my support strap thing at some point (I forget when – mile 8 maybe?) and got it in the right spot because it felt much better after!


Weekly miles: 16.

feb recap 2016

At the beginning of the month, I set quite a few goals for myself. I was in a great place in January, and had a really solid month of training. After a horrible long run during the first week of the month, soon followed by some weird quad + hip pain, I knew this wasn’t going to be the month I hoped.

February miles: 60 (+ maybe a few more today for the extra day!) – I had set a goal of 80.

Best run: With the pains I’ve had, I probably couldn’t pick one out.

This month on the blog: I maybe posted 7 times, so it hasn’t been a great month with trying to reach my blogging goals. Hopefully I’ll be running more in March, which should lead to more inspiration!

I didn’t hit my goal of being active every day. I did well the first couple of weeks, but then once the hip/quad pains got worse I laid off to truly let myself rest.

In March: 

  • Get back to running pain free! I hope to do this by trying to walk more during the work day – my hip feels great when I move around, but stiffens up when I sit all day. I also need to keep the foam rolling going and keep doing the ITB workout I’ve started to incorporate into my workouts.
  • Be happy with however my half marathon goes! It’s the first one of the year and I have many more planned – I just want to finish and have fun and without any/too much pain.
  • Recover well from said half marathon and find a way to smoothly ramp back up for my half the second weekend in April.
  • Oh, and pass my Praxis exam (only the biggest test of my life).


I’m linking up with Megan to share my weekly workout recap! Thanks for hosting, Megan! Head over to check out the other posts and to even add your own!

Do you have any races coming up in March?  I’ve got my 13.1 and a local 5K.

4 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training 2/22 – 2/28/16 + Monthly Recap

  1. I was supposed to run the Shamrock 5k in March but after signing up I realized I had an out of town baby shower the same weekend. I signed up of the B3 series so Im kind of disappointed that I can’t get the B3 medal now. Oh well!
    Even though Feb didnt go as planned you were still consistent! Hopefully March will be a great month!


  2. Great work Sam, especially with being consistent even when your goals didn’t work out the way you wanted them to. I have my half marathon coming up on 3/20, and my nerves are starting to kick in especially with this week and next week being the most intense for training!


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