Back on Track: 3/21 – 3/27/16

I can’t explain how happy I am about this week. I finally feel back on track after what was February then my not-so-great half marathon recovery. I had 4 really great runs this week, my hip pain is almost gone with my stretching routine, and my ITB pain is slowly improving.

Monday: 5.14 miles – I was getting some more blisters about 2 miles in, so I switched sneakers and that seemed to help. I figured it out that I was wearing size medium socks and they were simply too big. This was easily my best run since the race and I felt really great about it. Hip stretches + rolling with “the stick”.

Tuesday: Zumba class (1 hr), yoga/pilates class (1 hr). Hip stretches, rolled, and rolled my feet.

Wednesday: 3.1 miles – We had a nice spring afternoon so I may have ducked out of my internship a little early to enjoy it. No shame. Hip stretches and rolling with “the stick”.


Thursday: 4 miles – 4×400 @ goal 5K pace, 1 mi WU + CD. This was my first speed workout since February 10th, and dang did it feel good! My left hip bothered me a little bit (likely related to my ITB issues) but it wasn’t horrible and I was able to get it done.  Hip stretches and rolled ITBs.

Charity Miles said 4.77 instead of 4 miles. More money for charity is okay with me!
Charity Miles said 4.77 instead of 4 miles. More money for charity is okay with me!


Friday: Rest

Saturday: 8 miles. This was a physically easy run, but was hard mentally in the second half. My 4th mile (all uphill) was a minute slower than it was the last time I ran this route and it really got to me. I ended up walking three times in the last 4 miles. I haven’t walked during a run in almost two months. Obviously I’m not happy with it. BUT I’m happy my hip felt fine and ITB was probably a 3/10 pain-wise despite a downhill mile 5.

Well, it’s harder than it looks from the top. Kicks my butt every time!

Sunday: Rest, hip stretches and rolling with “the stick”.

Weekly miles: 20.24! I was aiming for 18 this week so I am thrilled. I haven’t hit 20 miles/week since early July. This time last year when I was holding steady around 23 mi/week I felt great and ran two great half marathons. At this time my ITB issues dissipated and I really felt like a runner. I’m hopeful that I can gradually improve on keeping my weekly mileage here, and hopefully to where I’m consistently averaging 25/week.

I can’t believe my next half marathon is already 12 days away. I’m ready to hit the ground hard this week then have an easy week to hopefully have a shot at a PR (or close to it) in Burlington!

Today I’m linking up with Tricia at Miss Sippy PiddlinMisssippi Pidlin and Holly at HoHo Runs for the Weekly Wrap, and Megan at Run Megan Run for the Weekly Workout Recap. Head over to their pages to check out some other great posts! Thanks for hosting, Ladies!


13 thoughts on “Back on Track: 3/21 – 3/27/16

  1. Awesome week! I’m very jealous you were able to leave early to enjoy the nice weather! There’s a mile stretch a run a lot that’s super hilly, and it can be so tempting to walk, even when I’m in good shape. I definitely feel your pain there.


  2. I’m glad you are continuing to feel better! Why does the IT band have to be such a b*tch sometimes?! I can’t believe you half is so soon, you’re gonna kill it!


  3. With your half marathon coming up soon, I hope you start to feel a lot more pain free! I know that frustration all too well of having to deal with an injury and not feeling like yourself. It’s nearly impossible to not compare runs for injury vs injury free. You’ll do great!


  4. Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Sam! I know that wonderful back on track feeling very well after a lengthy injury last fall. Great job on the speed work. I try not to compare times right now as my speed hasn’t returned. But, it’s difficult! I have a half this weekend. My PR is on this course but I know I’m not in shape to come close. Good luck with your training this week and with your upcoming half. Thanks for linking.


    • Thanks! I’m glad I found the linkup and joined in! Sounds like we are in a similar place with our (unfortunate) injury history! It is so so hard not to compare. I hope you had a good race and that you’re happy with it, even if it may not have been a PR!


  5. Speed workouts can be intimidating and tough, but I always find them really invigorating when I haven’t done one in awhile. It just feels good to work hard and run fast. I hope your hip and IT Band continue to feel better!


  6. Sam I am so glad you joined us for Weekly Wrap! I have to admit I had a Dr. Appt yesterday and while I could have gone back to work, I didn’t. No Shame!!! It is great you are getting back at it after dealing with some pain! I too will be running a half next weekend. Good luck on yours! I hope to see you back!


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